9 thoughts on “Milan Neoral is now known as Sandro Filipi at BelAmi (tip @ Peter)

  1. Strikingly handsome with the facial hair, the kind of guy you take a glimpse too many at – but we know George Duroy loves his men shaved and smooth. Either way I still think he is gorgeous.

  2. Yeah….I gotta agree. The new look doesn’t suit him.
    But he is a pretty gorgeous guy. And hot feet!

  3. Every boy should have a beard…it’s the whole waxed-to-extinction-Corbin-Fisher look I think is just a bit unpleasant!

  4. Totally agree. I didn’t recognize him at first. But I wonder if his work at BA is before rather than after. Often their ‘new’ material is years old.

  5. Wow! I didn’t even realized they were the same guy! Looks way better without facial hair. Hope they pair him up with some hunky BA guys!

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