Pete, Tanner & Forrest at Sean Cody by Alias74


Clutch your pearls and pacemakers and watch the volume switch – Sean Cody finally debuts a bareback threeway scene after nearly ten months to the day of the last bareback threesome (for the record Joey, Randy, and Jordan April 9, 2014)! While it’s not the sexual Hunger Games that the first, legendary bareback threeway was, I still defy you to make it all the way through without shooting all over your keyboard. The segments and hot moments play like an obstacle course of orgasm abstinence, daring you to bypass each without releasing – two mouths-one cock servicing, a bevy of junk-in-the-trunk bubble butts, deep rimming, slam fucking, multiple ATM’s after fucking and creampie-ing, train fucking, internal cum shots, a rough and tumble (but short lived) double penetration, and a gaping, cum-dripping, used hole. IN THAT ORDER! Get your tissue graveyard ready because this one is….


What’s Good:

Review_seancody_alias74_02 Review_seancody_alias74_03

  • The camaraderie and sense of sexual adventure (barring one major complaint – see below) cannot be more apparent. The guys laugh, smile, giggle, and just fuck, suck, and cum like crazy. Good times all around!
  • SCENE MVP goes to Pete, and not just because he gets DP’d. From the get go, Pete proves to be cock hungry, willing to take cock in any orifice and practically attacking his scene partners with every weapon in his tight little body arsenal. And here’s the surprise: he’s returned to the SC fold as a slamming top! Poor Forrest – dat AZZ gets blown out!

Review_seancody_alias74_04 Review_seancody_alias74_05

  • Despite all the bro-code talk and slightly douchey shenanigans, Tanner has really grown on me. He is a trouper and literally down for anything. Also in the BTS clip, he labels himself the “Sean Cody whore”. Yes, please!

What’s Bad:

  • #ForrestFail – let’s be clear: I am enamored with this guy (he checks all the boxes for my ideal man…and yes, this is accounting for ALL the models on SC), but he just doesn’t measure up in this scene. He barely registers early on (practically shirks cock sucking duty in the first oral segment and becomes a potted-plant sex toy in his bottoming sequence), then he all but bombs the physical mechanics of executing a proper train fuck (he moves with Tanner and ends up not really fucking but just PLUGGING him), and then someone decided it would be a bright idea for him to pull out and cum on Pete’s ass rather than inside him in the DP sequence.
  • Since it’s a group scene, a lot of the editing is even more shorter cut than the usual 30 to 55 second takes, especially the train fuck sequence. It all just breaks up the real time feel of the scene.
  • Dear SC cinematographers and editors – plan your shots!!!! As each sequence starts, there are blocked shots or bad positioning that cuts off a performer or two or the action itself, and while a lot of it is corrected seconds or minutes later, it just shows poor planning. For example, the train fuck  has lots of balls blocking the shot and, when the fucking gets furious and hot, we don’t get a cutaway to a undershot or penetration shot.
  • Pete….don’t pop your butt acne before a scene. PLEASE!
  • I call “yellow flag on the play”: in the first ATM if you watch closely, Pete is actually wiping his cock head on Forrest’s hole and then when Tanner goes to suck the head, there’s barely any suction and the head stays in his mouth for microseconds. Minor quibble.

HOTTEST MOMENTS (oh do we have such sights to show you)

  • Minute 6:11 – Love this shot of Pete’s hole and Tanner licking and sucking while Pete and Forrest make out; later at 6:42 Forrest spreads DAT AZZ to get Tanner all up in that hole
  • 10:15 Tanner enduring a balls attack on his face as Pete fucks Forrest and Tanner licks Pete’s shaft as it goes in and out of the hole
  • 10:49 and beyond – best filmed shots of two EPIC ATM’s with a little throat gag
  • 11:46 Pete armageddons Forrest’s hole with a hammering. Just. WOW.
  • 12:30 Pete cums and splashes all over Forrest’s hole, some going into Tanner’s mouth and then we get TWO ATM’s and a creampie, followed by all the boys sharing an assy, cummy kiss
  • 15:17 Great undershot of the train fucking with Tanner’s ass hairs dragging along Forrest’s prostate banger.
  • 16:59 Forrest does the Harlem Shake….witness his amazing national treasure ass, shake, shimmy, and wiggle. Glorious!
  • 19:24 INTERNAL cum shot – Forrest cums inside Tanner’s ass, pulls out, and we are treated to the sight of Tanner’s ass jiggling while he continues to fuck Pete as cum drips out of his hole.
  • 23:00 Two mouths, one cock, an epic CHOWDOWN! and be sure to listen at 23:50 for Forrest’s priceless moan and reaction.
  • Double Penetration starts at 27:09.
  • Minute 29:10 Tanner drops an internal in Pete’s stretched hole – fucking amazing to watch Tanner’s thighs and butt convulse with orgasmic intensity.
  • 31:07 Perfect closeup of Pete’s wrecked and freshly served gaping hole. The boys finger its juicy wet void.


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