14 thoughts on “Second comeback of Pete at Sean Cody

  1. SC-Pete,..now sporting a tattoo over his heart and looking good as ever since being in hiatus from March 2013 (Fucked by Brandon). Gave Pete a 5-Star for this “BB THREESOME” ..taking a DP upon his return to San Diego. 🙂 🙂
    Hope to see more of Pete in 2015.

  2. I like Pete, but I like to remember him for his first go round at camp Sean Cody. Look at his body in those scenes!

  3. One of the amazing things about Sean Cody is that the models look like they are there to model Cargo shorts and Fitness videos… Especially Tanner, & Forrest, so there still is a moment for me that i can’t believe there doing porn let alone gay porn… then they take it to another level and its like Wow.. that handsome guy is doing a 3 way As to mouth etc…
    i was looking forward to this… i did hope David was involved but i can’t complain..

  4. I still cannot believe how Tanner is into girls, when all of his shoots just scorching hot and make me believe that he is very into guys. Tanner is an amazing performer.

  5. He is a great performer and I’m not gonna lie I’m still suspicious about alot of the gay for pay hype but I trully believe Tanner is honest
    And Brandon to. Not so convinced about the other models at Sean Cody tho

  6. This is mean but I could totally punch Pete for that stupid tattoo. It’s obstructive like Johnny Forza’s but at least Johnny’s isn’t a stupid frozen drink mascot penguin.

  7. Did Dusty ever say he was gay? I thought he was straight from his pics but after I finally got around to watching his solos my mind started thinking differently.

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