Tatum of Chaos Men as Tatum Parks

I did make a post about him last year regarding his porn work outside Chaos Men.




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He also known as Tatum Parks at Legend Men. According to him “I recently started shooting  for Legend Men, one solo and picture gallery is up there and 2 more videos will be released. I also added the last name “Parks”.



He lives in a small town and is a country boy at heart. He has two dogs and a tropical fish.

If you want to taste him for yourself, he does escort in PortlandIdeally I would meet a client at their house. From there we might walk to a local bar and get to know each other over a drink or two. Or stay in with a bottle of wine. I like to chat first and give my clients the opportunity to talk about things they may not be able to otherwise. I also like to cover their likes and dislikes. Once we have had a couple drinks I might take the lead and get up and put on a little show – slowly strip before posing and showing off my muscles. Then I love a mutual full body oil massage as we transition into the fantasy..

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