Tatum of Chaos Men as Tatum Parks

I did make a post about him last year regarding his porn work outside Chaos Men.




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He also known as Tatum Parks at Legend Men. According to him “I recently started shooting  for Legend Men, one solo and picture gallery is up there and 2 more videos will be released. I also added the last name “Parks”.



He lives in a small town and is a country boy at heart. He has two dogs and a tropical fish.

If you want to taste him for yourself, he does escort in PortlandIdeally I would meet a client at their house. From there we might walk to a local bar and get to know each other over a drink or two. Or stay in with a bottle of wine. I like to chat first and give my clients the opportunity to talk about things they may not be able to otherwise. I also like to cover their likes and dislikes. Once we have had a couple drinks I might take the lead and get up and put on a little show – slowly strip before posing and showing off my muscles. Then I love a mutual full body oil massage as we transition into the fantasy..

Tatum @ Twitter

14 thoughts on “Tatum of Chaos Men as Tatum Parks

  1. I love Tatum. So glad to see he is still active in the business. It might be worth a trip to Portland just to hire him for an hour.
    Here’s a scoop for you on another Chaos man. Dusty from CM is now Jared Summers at Men.com

  2. his profile says bisexual not gay for pay ……I would pay him… and a whore ???….I dont make moral judgements about people i dont know

  3. Last time Tatum commented on this site. So I’m pretty sure he’s reading this post as well. I want to ask him if he prefers men or women at this moment, because from his interview, he seems to be very ambiguous about his preference.

  4. http://rentmen.com/reviews/escort/TatumParks
    Yep, I’ma reading it. Thanks again guys 🙂
    A whore by definition perhaps, but I like to think that time and experiences spent with me go beyond simple lust.
    When I first started porn years ago, I would have said I was 90/10 in favor of women. It has slowly evened out a bit over the years and now I enjoy sex with men just as much as women. Long term though I would like to get married and raise a family.
    With that said, after the break up I just had with my now ex-gf 2 weeks ago, I may be taking a break from women for a little while ha 😉
    Oh and I’ll be shooting for Legend again before too long.

  5. Its complicated. but check out the link above to the response I wrote to Rocco Steele’s “Im more than just a penis.” it should tell you about me.

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