Two gay lads at English Lads since 2013

English Lads do include sexual orientation in their model's stats. If you list all the lads according to the date added, there was one gay lad on page 1.


Nothing on page 2.


4 gay lads on page 3. Only Jacob Leahy was introduced after 2012.


Of the 5 gay lads, not one was given a solo introduction like the str8 lads. Their introduction included another English lad.

22 thoughts on “Two gay lads at English Lads since 2013

  1. Believe it, their sex scenes are so awkward. You don’t know whether to cringe or feel pity for these guys. They need to hire whoever directs for Corbin Fisher or start using Caverject.

  2. That is the most simple but positive and deep thing I’ve read here in a long time. Well said!

  3. Or if you go visit the English Lads thread on JUB, you could find caps of a so-called Grindr profile for a certain candidate to Deutshland Superstar so the rate of gay performers might actually be higher than whatever marketing stupidity the site is trying to push.

  4. Indeed!!! ….. EL = CF (British Style) to please the Gay-royalty at Buckingham Palace. LOL!!! 🙂 🙂

  5. Not a fan of this website. The customer service is hostile ; the restrictions to download are terrible, everything is streaming. Few updates of sex scenee , lots of solos and filler. I recommend not to support them ,and I vow never to buy a membership again. I have never been so rudely treated when trying to get a refund for explaining I did not care for how they structured their membership of stream only. I think you should never profile them again on this website until they become more gay customer focused and improve their business model to allow DRM.

  6. I’m with you. I won’t do a streaming only membership. (Is Raging Stallion still streaming only?). Fraternity X and Sketchy Sex are another couple of streaming only which relies on your connection always being perfect, which it isn’t.

  7. I always believe these 18-25 year old gay porn models when they, or their Studios, tell us their real sexual orientation. They have no reasons to lie about that. LOL!!!

  8. I joined this sit for long period and it is rubbish all style over substance. To be honest why I stayed as long, fuck knows? Due to their heavy restrictions (their down load policy is limited to 5 films a day after a month and photos zip sets 5 sets after 4 months per day) its a rip off. The quality of the content is ok, but the performances are solos mainly and most duos are terrible/awkward. it a miss its not worth the money.

  9. Falcon Studios is the same way and they want you to go to their store and pay per scene. Same goes for Kristen Bjorn.

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