14 thoughts on “Liam Riley to spend VALENTINES with his str8 porn crush James Deen

  1. Aww that’s cute. Very nice of James to participate, such a good sport. Any other straight pornstar would of…..well we know already.

  2. I’ll be at home.
    I hope that I’ll be able to watch it. F4F has now been blocked in my country. Can you fucking believe that?! Jeez!!! I hope my special browser will be able to access the site.

  3. I can’t believe the comments section has not been flooded with comments! I thought this would be big big BIG!

  4. Oh! James Deen……love his dick. Love energy when he fucks.
    He looks like that killer whose name escapes me now.

  5. Non-pornographic live shows on F4F? No thank you.
    Some people think it’s cool James is doing this. As a gay man, I agree it’s cool of him. But as a gay porn lover, I disagree. It just seems like a tease. And I hate straight teases.
    It would be nice if James would let Liam and Levi blow him, though.

  6. YES!
    Ted Bundy!!!! He really does! But slightly better looking.
    Flirt4Free has been in my country!

  7. The show ended minutes ago. They got tipped A LOT!!!!! Over 200 member were watching their show. Many girls were watching too.
    I didn’t get to see a thing. It was a part chat. I’m a a basic free member. So I could only see what ppl were talking about in the chat section.

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