A new look for Eddie Cambio (tip @ Genesis157)

Eddie Cambio worked in gay porn from 2012 to 2013. No hardcore scenes [gallery] for him even with his pair up with Josh Long [gallery].

Eddiecambio_thennow_01 Eddiecambio_thennow_02 

He is back this year and back for another solo at Paragon Men.

Eddiecambio_thennow_04 Eddiecambio_thennow_04b


Eddiecambio_thennow_05 Eddiecambio_thennow_06

8 thoughts on “A new look for Eddie Cambio (tip @ Genesis157)

  1. What’s his real name? And I don’t see the point is us keep censoring those by the way, because it’s never that difficult to find and when you put yourself out there, expect people to find out things like that.

  2. I prefer guys with short hair. He looks okay, but he’d have to at least tie it back before I start to feel anything down in my pants. It also would help if he did more than a solo or tease job and actually smushed his cock into things and then received others’ smushed cocks.

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