A #tbt photo from Bennett Anthony

Bennett Anthony is an exclusive of MEN. His latest scene was released this week, where he was paired with Jack Ryder.


Hours ago, he shared on twitter a #tbt (throwback Thursday) photo of himself before he discovered tattoos and weight lifting.


12 thoughts on “A #tbt photo from Bennett Anthony

  1. When is this cat gonna BB????? I want a repeat performance of him taking Rocco STeele’s cock!

  2. He does look quite rough and trashy these days…if you speak to him, he’s also pretty unpleasant.

  3. Is he the one on the left in that picture. If so, he was fucking cute.
    I agree with Reg that he looks rough, trashy and also aged beyond his years.

  4. It’s wrong to compare I know
    But if sexy Hot tattooed red heads is your thing . Check out David at Sean Cody .. Now there’s a guy !

  5. Such potential for a young ginger boy. Ruined with ugly tatts. Not sure about the intense stare either. For what purpose?

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