Agree or disagree? WARNING: Make sure you drink lots of water before watching this

The latest released scene at MEN was the part 3 of Trophy Boys that paired Darius Ferdynand and Luke Adams.

Trophyboys_men_dariusfedynand_lukeadams_02 Trophyboys_men_dariusfedynand_lukeadams_03 

According to MEN on twitter, you need to drink a lot of water before watching the scene.


12 thoughts on “Agree or disagree? WARNING: Make sure you drink lots of water before watching this

  1. Two hot guys in a sweaty hot sex scene. Darius: “You are so beautiful to me …”

  2. Paid for a long memberhip at (on sale) but can’t be bothered to download anything from the cookie-cutter menu. Such a waste of Darius, of incredible body.

  3. I have watched it. Darius has a great body and it is nice to see Luke Adams top for a change. But Luke needs to count calories. On the whole, it is an OK scene, typical of Men vanilla, with the peculiar props, which don’t turn it into what it could be.

  4. Drinking a lot of water is just going to make me need to go pee in the middle of the porn… sometimes… sometimes… I just don’t get you…
    That said, I like Luke Adams, not a fan of the other guy, but I think Luke is hot and cute… but something with him doesn’t connect. I like seeing him top, but I don’t know why he doesn’t really do it for me. (My personal guess is maybe if he didn’t look like he heavily shaves his body, but that is a guess too.. but picturing him with a little bit more fur everywhere is not a bad thing)

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