10 thoughts on “Ezra Finn of Randy Blue as Roberto at Bi Latin Men (tip @ Random Guy)

  1. ALWAYS HAPPY … to see a CORBIE doing more work in PORN …even if it’s not @ CF.
    I think EZRA would have gone further if he remained at CF. At least at RB,..he got a chance for fuck a former Corbie – (Dylan II) Brett Swanson,..and really thought he’ll be doing more DUO while working for Randy. Obviously,…I was wrong.
    Thanks RandomGuy for spotting EZRA.

  2. Yay thanks for the info
    I love him. Hope he do more action scene with men at there:)

  3. That first picture of him….all greased up…makes me want to run my hands all over his body. I want to play with it! Horny!

  4. That body is fantastic and personally for me body hair is such a turn on ! And the foreskin …..OMG

  5. I’d like some clarity on this page, I did a bilatin shoot mistakenly for a friend after my terms with Corbin where up then was put in contact with randy who has treated me well. Loving staff and supportive crew.

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