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  1. The funny thing about crossover performers is how often they appear in the same videos. Perhaps it’s that videos with more plot/dialogue have need better “actors”.
    Look at the straight parody porn market (one of my favorite genres of straight porn). Those videos almost always have a lot of crossover performers.

  2. He keeps saying “I did 1 scene”….LIAR!!!….He did at least 3. And we escorted. NO ONE in the last 15 years had got more than 10K for a scene and no way did College Dudes pay him 40K to fuck Kurt Wilde.
    I can’t stand the hypocrisy of him bitching about porn shutting doors for him but totally being willing to shut out guys that might want to do both gay and straight scenes.

  3. Seth doesn’t look anything like Troy. He isn’t like fine wine. He hasn’t improved with age.

  4. I love when pornstars lie about their gay pasts. On Billy Glides Reddit he said he only posed nude once. I have 6 pictorials of him.
    The hypocrisy comes the need to fit in. If he shows an ounce of support or indifference, he’s going to lose even more work. He has to play the game. Sad but true. Christian XXX did it as well. He couldn’t leave TS alone, but won’t even solo anymore.

  5. It’s even more funny when they have done gay porn together.
    Every time I saw Talon and Chance Caldwell in a scene together, I loved how hard they tried to not know each other. Talon boned him in Star something from Catalina video. They did over a dozen scenes together. Always awkward.

  6. Well the past is the past, and at least he could admit what he’d done (the amount he did not really relevant) unlike some of the other “bitches” that would just deny, deny, deny. For that, I think we can at least respect him for.
    I think he has a point, SOMEWHAT. I mean, capping off the male talent coming in won’t stop the women from putting everyone else at risk but I’d agree that gay actors are PROBABLY higher risk and a smart business person wouldn’t employ higher risk employees. However, if they test ok and they build a trusting relationship with a studio, why shouldn’t they be let in like he was? If they really want to do it why crush their dreams Seth?

  7. Straight porn is NOT accepting of crossover…in the SLIGHTEST. I really am staggered that he’s talking about this, because straight porn is all about the women, men are nothing but dildos that straight men don’t want to see in their porn. Female pornstars, unless they’re a bit skanky and suspect, will bold-faced refused to work with a crossover…he should go back to being gay4pay, because seriously, female pornstars aren’t going to want to touch him with a bargepole.

  8. For the record, tho going off my memory as I don’t have access to my video files right now, Troy Gabriel did 4 videos released by College Dudes 247: a solo, a duo jack-off, an oral and a full sex topping scene. Tommy Defendi sucked his dick and he fucked Kurt Wilde. The duo solo was with some obscure dude, IIRC.
    Secondly, I swear he said he was paid 40 thousand dollars, but it was a bit muddled and could have been 4 thousand, a number which is believable. I highly doubt they would have paid him 40 grand for all 4 videos.
    I thought it was noteworthy and a bit funny how they moved the interview toward gay-for-pay crossover work without really calling it that until deeper into the conversation. If you weren’t clued in, you wouldn’t have even understood what they were talking about. It was painful to say “gay” porn. hehe

  9. Also, those are the scenes we know about. I have no doubt he’s done more and DID more in-between his gay and straight work.
    And I’ll say it again…if the straight industry get wind of this, he’s finished.

  10. Most likely the reason there may be a demand for guys who’ve done gay work is because those guys have the experience of doing adult work AND they are more attractive than what was commonly in Straight Porn. Seth Gamble is a pretty boy compared to what was usually in straight porn.
    What guys could work in straight porn was traditionally capped by who the women would work with. Those star females have less power now and they are making less money – because there are so many people now willing to do porn and production is down (due to less sales).
    Seth Gamble did work for Straight Guys for Gay Eyes as Seth Gamble. So, he may be aware that work in which THE GUY is the focus of attention pays more than straight work. After all, he’s doing it for the money.

  11. He’s been in the biz for going on about a decade now. Most of the studios know his past and they decided to let him in anyway. He’ll always have a spot. He’s won awards for his work too, so he’s top of the line as far as male talent is concerned. Highly doubt they’ll kick him if they found out ALL the stuff he’s done. It’s in the past. As long as he’s not crossing over now, he’s not a “threat”.

  12. In straight porn, it’s the kiss of death to have kissed another man…let alone fucked one. He changed his name to protect his anonymity, but I think he’s going to find himself in trouble.

  13. What about czech porn? Ive seen lots of male perfomers doing crossover and this doesnt seem to be a problem, look at Denis Reed… he’s doing straight and gay porn for a long time.

  14. The dude is so full of shit. He says “There’s a term ‘they’ have gay for pay or whatever.” He knows EXACTLY what it’s called but he tries to distance himself from it. He’s also a hypocrite; if you USED to do it but stop, you’re ok, but if it’s your ‘lifestyle’? Wtf? Fuck him.

  15. You’ve got to remember, even though a lot of gay men will watch straight boy, straight porn is about the women…not the men and it’s actually preferable for straight guys watching if the men aren’t noticeable!

  16. Isn’t that why that fugly guy fucked over 1000 girls in porn? He was unobtrusive and unthreatening for st8 boys watching the girls.

  17. Interesting point and you are quite right about the ease of transition between gay and straight porn in the Czech Republic. The porn industry in the CR is huge relative to the population size. The population of the CR is roughly 10,000,000 and yet it produces an amount of porn, gay and straight, that rivals the US. Though the CR is no gay paradise by any means, the homophobia there except for the extremes isn’t as virulent as it can be here. I think it is partially a cultural thing since the CR is one of the least religious societies in the world. Also, the porn industry is relatively new there because it only came into existence at the level it is now after the fall of communism. Denis Reed is a great example of this dynamic. He has made everything from bareback, cum eating gay porn to granny porn. In fact he is one of the few that has been able to make porn his primary source of income as a performer. Over the past few years he has been transitioning into the production side of the business.

  18. Who cares? Look at those pix. His looks are leaving him quickly. He’ll soon be a B or C list porn actor at best.

  19. Billy Glide said he posed for some gay magazine in the 90’s. I don’t know whether he mentioned the number of times he did it but he did reveal that he did do at least one pictorial for some gay mag.
    What other five pictorials of Billy Glide are these from?

  20. I think the 1 scene he was referring to non-solo ones? But yeah! He did more than one gay sex scene.

  21. “Over the past few years he has been transitioning into the production side of the business.”
    How do you know that?

  22. Well, I think he’s retired from doing sex scenes. A couple of years ago he had a major health problem. Ron Jeremy started doing porn in 1978. He’ll turn 62 this year.

  23. Is he really A-list now? I’ve never heard of him and those militants over on a wiki that shall not be mentioned, aren’t praising or condemning him…to my knowledge.

  24. I think it’s different for him. He has been successful in straight porn.
    I think straight porn was more okay or just okay with crossovers back in the 70’s and early 80’s. Back then, many guys went back and fourth doing gay and straight porn.
    But today at least in America, if you want to do straight porn, you only have to do that. If you wanna do gay porn, only that. No going back and fourth.
    I mean, look at Rocco Reed. From what one commenter here said, he had been wanting to do gay porn and even asked another guy(Gabriel something) about doing gay porn. So I think Rocco Reed knew he could not have his feet in the gay and straight side at the same time and decided to end his career doing gay porn.
    Many guys in straight porn who started out in gay porn have managed to become notable and at least somewhat successful in straight porn :
    -Seth Gamble
    -Danny Wylde
    -Michael Vegas
    -Chris Strokes
    -Danny D
    -Ryan Driller
    -TJ Cummings
    -Carlo Carrerra
    -Peter North
    -Christian XXX

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