Jed Athens on Rocco Steele about Trimix

The latest scene released (March 05, 2015) on Rocco Steele was from Tim Tales, where he topped Flex Xtremmo.


Jed Athens questioned Rocco's ability as a top, while on Trimix.


And, accused Rocco of illegally dosing Boomer Banks & others on Trimix.


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41 thoughts on “Jed Athens on Rocco Steele about Trimix

  1. I thought most not all top use ED enhancement one way or another. I will be surprised if JA never used any of them when he is topping. To keep constant hard during a 3 hours shoot is humanly impossible especially when you are not particularly turned on by your scene partner.

  2. he seems sort of like a douche but indeed, don’t they ALL use drugs? (except of the ones who are soft)

  3. @Jay – you nailed it man! Rocco is over 50, if he was able to maintain an erection for 3 hours, he would be a medical miracle! And I agree, I would put money on most performers (even those in their 20’s!) needing to use some type of ED enhancement. Who cares??? As for me, I prefer to see a top with a nice hard dick!
    This is a total non-story, it is just Jed Athens looking to get some attention.

    1. I think that using ED’s is up to the performer and their performance but, on the bad side a drug is a drug which is bad. 2. A guy that cannot perform for 3 hours should not even be in the porn industry I know some performers that don’t use drugs.
    2. I myself can last for 3 to 4 hours being hard and don’t need drugs for performance. It’s mainly the gay for pay models that need to do this I think because they are not really into the sex as they should be. I don’t particularly like Rocco Steele having a big dick is not the only good thing about a man that should be considered a guy with an average size penis is just as good as long as they know how to use it. Rocco has a big dick yes but, really small loads nah I prefer not to see his scenes. But, that is just my opinion.
  4. Don’t these performers work 10-14 hour days? I’d be surprised if they DIDN’t used enhancements of some kind.

  5. Apparently, Rocco is a bottom too and that’s why he needs the Trimix according to Jed Athens. The bareback productions like a Raw Fuck Club are usually pretty short and not more than a couple hours, if that, so drugs wouldn’t be necessary. But at the silly condom studios where they last several hours I can understand needing ED drugs to make it, especially when the end product is so boring and bad.

  6. I have a question Dean how do you know he is a bottom he has never stated it and even his escort profile has him as a top.
    Maybe in his personal life but he has stated he will never bottom on film.

  7. Jed Athens is a troubled soul seeking attention. Maybe his hole needs some Tri-Mix because it is so loose I could park my car in it.

  8. He probably isn’t a bottom its just that Gay men try an paint EVERY gay man the same.
    ‘Every Gay Man is a bottom, like meee!’
    Bull shit.

  9. I honestly don’t care if he is or if he is not.
    And the only reason why he is considered to be a ‘good top’ is because he is a White guy with a big dick.
    Oh yea and who cares if hes collecting a Harem of boys he can fuck when ever he wants to…..Isn’t that everyone’s goal around here is to eventually have a harem of guys ?!
    Anyway, I don’t know much of anything about this guy but….I like em.

  10. Porn is tricks done with lighting, Viagra and face cum…why a performer feels the need to “out” what we already know is just sad. It also smacks of a personal issue between them bitching like that.

  11. I assume most tops in porn use one ED drug or another. I wonder why some choose injectable Tri-Mix instead of a pill though. I can’t see myself EVER sticking a needle into my penis or allowing some layperson to do it. But maybe I can be convinced.

  12. What is amazing is how Jed seems to talk trash about every person he works with in porn. And it is not like Rocco is the only one who has ever used TriMix. Jed just needs to STFU and stick to fucking.

  13. Big dicked guys often don’t get rock hard because thier dick is so big the body just can’t supply enough blood to it to get it rock hard.

  14. jed athens is bisexual bottom and even more Rocco Steele is bisexual too but he is top. why do these bi guys debate about the things that are not very important ? we all knew gay porn are fake, you guys should check out amateur porn like xtube. there are alot of guys who really into each other.

  15. that’s right ¿Why the fuck a top should be a bottom or bottom to top? simply ridiculous, every gay has a defined role. ¿Why do some want to change that by force?
    “‘Every Gay Man is a bottom, like meee” This slogan is not a standard or rule in the gay community but some seem to be obsessed with this.

  16. My husband, the power bottom, has hired Rocco multiple times. He told me that Rocco did need to use Tri-Mix but only when the bottom wants to sit on Rocco’s cock and ride it since it needs to be harder than usual in that position. Otherwise he has never had a problem with Rocco being hard enough for him.
    I have also noted that his cumshots seem small but have been advised that isn’t always the case. My husband says they have more volume the times he’s hired him. I don’t know why that would be the case but I have no reason not to believe him.
    Rocco is not a bottom, at all. In fact, in all my years of being aware of him since we have several common acquaintances here in the city I have never heard of him being identified as a bottom. I don’t know where “Dean” is getting his information but he must be mistaken. If Rocco ever identified as a bottom or versatile it must have been a very long time ago.
    Lastly, Jed Athens has proven time and time again that he is a psychotic attention-whore. Sad that one so pretty outside is so ugly on the inside.

  17. Too bad they dont have paper bags out there still bc he needs one not a very good looking guy at all.
    He is what you call a coyote ugly date.

  18. Jed Athens has a right to say what he wants to its his right to do so. Gay men have been fighting for equality for so long we are finally getting what we want so Jed has a right to say what he wants. If you don’t like what he says then you should not write on here.

  19. He just looks so unhealthy! I don’t know what it is…hard living, drugs, illness, but the last place he should be is in the sex industry 🙁

  20. Fight!!! Fight!!! Fight!!! A fight in the gay cafeteria over what!? They’re all adults.

  21. What the fuck are you talking about. Since when have gay men ever had a gag placed over their mouth. Considering that most of them are White I simply dont see it.
    And your talking about PORN. How could you compare gay rights to that of some loud mouth porn star on Social media–attacking another porn star about dick injection drugs…

  22. Its about him being able to say what he wants and noone has the right to tell him what is right and wrong. Gay rights are the same thing we were not able to do things or say things in public and now we are able to just like he should be able to say whatever he wants to and have his own opinion. I know you probably wouldn’t like anyone telling you what to do or go against your opinion. Because it is your opinion.

  23. Are you crazy? why do you think that rocco steele is bisexual ? I know many gay porn actors are false but rocco steele? You need evidence. many people are saying that but I wonder ¿why?

  24. Yes, an unbelievably delicious looking cock but an equally unbelievably unattractive face.

  25. Don’t smoke (worst habit for anything), eat well, take plenty of exercise, and it is quite probable that a 50-year-old can maintain an erection for 3 hours.

  26. Rocco Steele was interviewed awhile back on Apparently, he started out with a legal career, but it wasn’t leading him where he wanted to go, i.e. he wasn’t going to be promoted. That wasn’t too surprising since he spent much of his time fucked up on ice. So, he got into porn and escorting. Much easier.

  27. The information is from Jed, who knows him personally and professionally, not as clients like your “husband the power bottom”. It’s sad that things like this are so important to ancient queens that are total “power bottoms”. It clearly is important to his customers that he be a “total top” for his image so queens like you can get off.

  28. It’s cool to know that porn stars need that extra something like tri-mix for their performances. Why not tell your fans what the performers take? A lot of guys watch porn for education as well as entertainment.
    With YouTube, porn stars are sharing their bottoming secrets. Which by the way is important. A clean hole is sweet whether you’re topping or bottoming.
    If you’re going to go to a sex party like Cum Union, knowing something like tri-mix is good to know. I want to stay hard during a party!
    Getting a group of harem guys is cool, but they can’t fuck around while the top can sucks! Should be a two way street. Who knew, no matter your looks or level of sexiness, or what not, people have similar problems across the board!
    We should advocate guys to be more fair when it comes to sex. Why not?! Our 50 Shades of Gay needs to stop and evolve to 50 Shades of Colors of Equality!
    Bitches, let’s all fuck and be gay! Let’s all enjoy the cumming!
    Who runs this world? Bottoms! Someone gots to bend over! I❤️Good Bottoms! Yum! Anyone can top. Not everyone is huge, but good sex is good sex. That’s why Treasure Island did that flick, What I Can’t See. I’m positive most if not all gays are wonderful in bed. Baby, we were born this way!

  29. If he uses drugs then so what? When professional wrestlers have been in the game for a while they use painkillers. Why? As Billy Gunn explained in a documentary: “Most people think that ring is bouncy like a trampoline so it’s all fun and games but no. Keep in mind that that thing has a wooden frame and when you land on that wooden frame on your back, head, ass from about four to five to even seven times or more a night just to leave the arena and end up having to do it again about an hour later than your body is totally wracked with pain. I don’t know a dedicated professional wrestler yet who hasn’t had to use painkillers to ease the pain”.

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