ON TV Harlow Cuadra will be featured on Snapped: Killer Couples (tip @ Bitchless)

If you are like me who hasn't followed the story of the brutal murder of Bryan Kocis by Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes and wants a summary, a production crew of the tv show Snapped: Killer Couples are currently interviewing 14 people in Dallas Township, according to Times Leader.


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  1. I almost hired him about a year before the murder. I had some of his dvds, and they ran an escort agency out of Norfolk for a while, but when I talked to them on the phone, it all sounded very sketchy.

  2. I’m kinda surprised that murder has never been the subject of a Dateline or 48 Hours episode. It seems like the kind of titillating case that was made for a show like that. Except maybe they think it’s too sleazy for network TV. Bareback barely legal gay porn, an underage model sleeping with the director, homicidal pornographer/prostitutes…it’s a juicy story.

  3. I agree. His studio (BoyButter)could have become a big name in gay porn if he had continued to film hot scenes instead of killing Kocis.

  4. I remember seeing them in the gym right after this happen and they were acting as if no one was looking for them. Their escort service was fine as long as you did not want Harlow. He always traveled with Joe and Joe would wait for him. It felt like you were being set up. The Military boys they had working for them were always fun!!!!!! I bet that ass has been well worked by now!!

  5. +1
    His only film with that studio still knocks the socks off 99% of anything done today. He is such a passionate kisser. Just 60 seconds in and I’m ready to blow a load. Not many films do that to me.

  6. The spread of the internet has lead to the near-extinction of agencies, but at the time there agencies which were reliable (i.e., would try to send someone compatible & stable & you were assured that they would show up) vs those that used ‘bait & switch’ tactics or whose workers were drug addicts, etc.

  7. It will be “interesting” to see what kind of spin this new TV show puts on Luzerne County Pennsylvania (the county where Kocis lived) as that county is already world famous for corruption and ties to organized crime.
    The Two judges who controlled the Luzerne County Court System during the prosecutions of Cuadra and Kerekes are both currently in prison for racketeering. One of those judges (Michael Conahan) was the judge who changed Bryan Kocis’ guilty plea AFTER THE FACT so that Kocis did not have to register as a sex offender. The Judge over Cuadra’s murder trial was photographed vacationing with convicted judge Michael Conahan and a convicted drug dealer.
    The DA during Cuadra’s trial was booted out of office. The Lead Prosecutor against Cuadra is currently facing diciplinary actions for using his privileges to meet with his jailed girlfriend. I think even the Coroner’s Office in Luzerne County was involved in some kind of corruption investigation when it was revealed that most of the men who had been Coroners were funneling business to funeral homes they also operated. In Luzerne County, it was common for the men working as Coroners to also have funeral home businesses.
    The scandal in which the two Juges in Luzerne County railroaded county kids into juvenile detention is called “The Kids For Cash Scandal”, it received wide national and international attention (it was the subject of a “rip from the headlines” episode of Law and Order) and, there has been a book and a movie about the scandal.

  8. This is funny … the production company allegedly producing this Harlow Cuadra tv story also has a series called “City Confidential” which seems the perfect tv series to do a story about Luzerne County Pennsylvania.
    “The hugely popular crime series with a twist, City Confidential takes viewers across America to places they β€œthink” they know – only to reveal the dark underbelly of the most ordinary locations. Stylish voice-over, lush photography and quirky interviews bring to life dramatic stories of how a single crime forever changed a community.”
    To say that the county where Kocis lived has “a dark underbelly” is putting it mildly.

  9. Yeah, perhaps to the uninitiated it might seem that prostitution by definition is corrupt, unreliable or a scam, but I remember reading 10-15 yrs ago there used to be a number of very professionally run gay escort services, usually in major cities. I have not really kept up with the escorting world so much anymore, so I’m not sure if they still operate.
    NCBored is correct.

  10. -imdb now says that Jared Allman is playing Joe. He is a up and coming sorta famous gay actor.. and that twink has to be playing corrigan!! Cant wait to see more – Jared’s instagram has more photos from set and especially of him and the twink… maybe a romance on set haha .

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