Paul Belonek of William Higgins is now Bastian Dufy of Belami Online (tip @ geerdo)

Paul Belonek was introduced at William Higgins last June 2014 and a month later by its sister site, Str8 Hell. So far, no scenes of him have been released this 2015.






He is the new guy this week at Belami Online as Bastian Dufy.



8 thoughts on “Paul Belonek of William Higgins is now Bastian Dufy of Belami Online (tip @ geerdo)

  1. I think Paul/Bastian is going to fit in well @ BAO. Definitely BA’s type of men,…and Bastian does have the COCK, Cute Face, Hair and Smile to promote the studio. I just hope to see him in a DUO-SCENE in the coming future from Prague.
    Thanks Geerdo for sharing your fine. 🙂 🙂

  2. Beautiful guy: Good face, nice body and big cock. I think a different hair style might accent his good facial features better.

  3. This coming Saterday he has a scene on William Higgins with Tono Milos. This scene was filmed in 2014.
    One of my favorite WH models from last year (together with Jirka Mendez and Alan Carly)

  4. These guys appear to work with lots of different studios good on them as they want to build their porn careers.
    Bel Ami like Sean Cody appears to be a good studio to work with. Paul is a versatile performer has a hot bod, a big cock and loves being on the bottom and is also very comfortable being a top as well. He will go far in the industry good luck to him.

  5. Paul/Bastian had a bareback scene with Arny Dornan while he was at William Higgins. It was hot. Great contrast with twink isn big dicked Paul topping hunky, hairy (legs at least) Arny. There even seemed to be good chemistry between them. I recommend it. It is a couple of notches above the usual mechanical sex of William Higgins productions.

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