POLL Best Actor for Grabbys 2015

The nominees for Best Actor that required the use of condoms.

Jake Bass (gallery) for Answered Prayers (Cocky Boys)


Dirk Caber for Stepfather’s Secret (Men)

Dirkcaber_stepfatherssecret_01 Dirkcaber_stepfatherssecret_02

Mike De Marko for Sentenced (Channel 1 Releasing)


Joe Gunner (gallery) for Head Hunting (Kristen Bjorn)


Colby Keller for Last Call (Men)


Ryker Madison (gallery 01 & 02) for Scandal Helix Academy 2 (Helix Studios)


Connor Maguire (gallery 01 & 02) for Dirty Rascals (Naked Sword)


Hunter Marx for Bad Cop (Titan Men)


Valentino Medici (gallery) for The Secret Gift (Kristen Bjorn)


Evan Parker (gallery 01 & 02) for Scandal at Helix Academy 2 (Helix Studios)


Nick Prescott for Morning Wood (Titan Men)


Rogan Richards (gallery 01 & 02) for The Tourist (Raging Stallion Studios)


Who do you think should win Best Actor?

15 thoughts on “POLL Best Actor for Grabbys 2015

  1. Since I seem to read up on what a twink is after the nominees in that category, it would be difficult here to know what constitutes Best Actor. If some level of actual “acting” skill is the measure Dirk Caber should have this by a mile.

  2. With productions from seven studios/sites in the running, how many people have seen more than half of these scenes?
    I never vote on these things because typically I’ve only seen a few of the nominees.

  3. I Will never understand how Gay polls and awards work because they are attending to so many different audiences. Why are older dad type guys put up against bottom twinks, against pretty boy twinks. It never makes any sense. And with the mass majority of gay guys being bottoms I dont think any of these are worth much if you win or lose.

  4. Acting? This is porn, not theatre. Awards might be given for the most explosive cum-shot, or the longest-sustained unnatural contortion that no one would do in real life, but “acting” is a stretch.

  5. How gay porn awards work: Studios have to donate money to the organization to get a nomination (money is used for the promotion of the awards and the actual show itself). If a studios does not give money it will not get a nomination. Some studios are not interested in these awards or don’t have any money in the bank to pay for a nomination. The fact that bb studios are excluded means we get many B and C rank models nominated.

  6. Longest sustained unnatural contortion that no one would do in real life? That so seriously need to be an award. Thanks for the laugh. Really awards I agree it is porn isn’t there enough masturbation in porn already?

  7. Isn’t this all just glad handing and paid for promotionals? Does anyone really care about these? Other than say Zach Sire so he can slam everyone and generate affiliate revenue?

  8. Rogan Richards nominated for an award??????….you gotta be kidding…..how low can standards slip. He’s unpleasant to look at at….has that off putt bogan australian accent and is a no talent performer overdosed on tri-mix

  9. These “awards” don’t seem much different from the Academy Awards where a group of self-interested wankers meet annually for a wank-fest in LA and tell each other how talented they are, while attired in their free frocks that wannabees later run out to buy. The only difference is the blow-jobs for porn models happen in front of the camera for all to enjoy but the Academy blow-jobs happen behind the cameras.

  10. “the ‘mass’ majority of gay guys being bottoms”. That is contrary to my personal experience. Do you have any polls or statistics that make that assertion?

  11. Maybe he means the majority of Catholic queens (“mass”). Or is the reference to the “vast” majority. It isn’t the first time someone mixed-up these words.

  12. “isn’t there enough masturbation in porn already”? On my side of the screen there sure is.

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