The first condom scene of Solomon Aspen of Chaos Men (tip @ Jean)

It has been a year since Solomon Aspen had a bareback scene released by Chaos Men. He was introduced last September 2011 and his last scene released was February 2014.

  Solomon_aspen_outof_chaosmen_01 Solomon_aspen_outof_chaosmen_02 
Solomon_aspen_outof_chaosmen_03 Solomon_aspen_outof_chaosmen_04 

Two years ago, while working with Chaos Men, there was a twitter account created supposedly by Solomon but the owner of Chaos Men did say the account was fake.

Today, his first condom scene [gallery] at Bait Buddies was released.


20 thoughts on “The first condom scene of Solomon Aspen of Chaos Men (tip @ Jean)

  1. He really stooped low to go from CM to this tragic studio. Chaosmen may not be the most popular but it is far better than this trash studio. Shame is that he seemed to be “coming out” in his progression with CM then just went away. Now the only logical conclusion is that he is hard up for $ and still lost in being comfortable about himself beyond his looks.

  2. He looks great with longer hair; what a beauty– one of the hottest dudes in porn imho

  3. My favorite CM Video of Solomon was in a “Bossy” scene with Haigan (aka: CF-Tyson) back in December 2012. (Bondage/Flogging/Candle-Wax/Butt-Plug/Fucking and Gagging)
    My opinion,…One of the BEST choreograph from Chaosmen.
    Thank YOU,..Jean & DENZ for sharing. 🙂 🙂

  4. Um…it may have seemed like he was “coming out” as bi but the dude has a girlfriend and his Facebook feed is all about the straight dude bro-vibe.
    He still looks hot though…and I definitely hope all his “shenanigans” are behind him now.

  5. He’s looking a little trashy these days…the long greasy hair also makes him look old. And switches to condoms…is there a hint of ill-health in the air?

  6. I remember it was a while back and I read it on here should go look he was arrested there was a mug shot of him on here. Also if I remember he was going to serve time.
    So maybe that explains his disappearance and reappearance on another site?

  7. I also remember a picture (mug shot I think) where he looked really beaten up. Here on MOP I think
    Hope he has a good run, but I’d rather @ another studio. One of the other sites (Q M N) says he’s ging to be bottoming!! Yeah!

  8. The last I heard, he wasn’t even allowed out of state, because of whatever charges he was arrested for. He may be limited to the porn he can do, dependant on where they film.

  9. This is disappointing for me. I love and miss Solomon at CM. BaitBuddies is lying, though, if they’re trying to brand him as a straight amateur. But then again, they lie all the time about performers.
    To go from great bareback, piggy, bottoming work to perfunctory, condom topping is a major regression.

  10. Just remember that you are being sold a fantasy by these guys and he is more aware of it than most. The best definition of his sexuality is the old “buysexual” category. At least he isn’t homophobic in his private life like some of these guys are. He falls into that well known group of G4P performers that are often involved in some level of criminal behavior – from dui, serious drug use, domestic abuse, and up from there. They are often charming and know how to play to an audience. The classic charming, near sociopathic, narcissist with not enough talent or will to get a real steady job. Sorry if I’m sounding a bit snarky but given all the criminal or sleazy behavior involving porn performers lately it is a bit much. He has seemed to be more comfortable than most G4P performers and actually seemed to enjoy it in the moment occasionally. But as someone said quite well and succinctly in another forum – “you are who you fuck for free.” In his private life that is made pretty clear.

  11. Solomon was dancing at Swinging Richards in Atlanta. Not sure if he’s still there since it’s been a while since I’ve been.

  12. Just looking at Solomon Aspen gives me a serious boner. He has been the subject of many of my fantasies. Boy loved taking dick. I was hoping we would see him again at CM. Bryan, please get him to return. He still looks fucking hot..that ass..that face..that chest. Who cares if he has a girl, I would tap that ass any day or spread my hole for him.

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