The first black dick for Colt Rivers

I think this is one of the reasons why Diesel Washington complains every now and then on twitter about the lack of color in the most trafficked gay porn sites. Colt Rivers (aka Ryan) has been in gay porn since 2012 and today he just filmed his first scene with a black guy named Aaron Rese.


The scene is for Falcon Studios (I think).

24 thoughts on “The first black dick for Colt Rivers

  1. “On camera”.
    So I guess he’s taken plenty big black dicks off camera. Ha!

  2. Diesel Washington is just a BIG-CRY-BABY…that if it excludes the color “BLACK” … it must be Racist.
    Let’s be HONEST,…. Diesel isn’t a Super handsome black dude by any stroke of one’s imagination,.. or he would be featured at Sean Cody along with his ethnicity (Landon, Clay and Chad).

  3. His attractiveness aside, he’s not absolutely wrong. Diversity is lacking in mainstream gay porn. For every one minority there’s at least 10 white guys being featured.

  4. I think its quite obvious that Gay Porn and the Gay Lifestyle in general really is honestly best suited for a White Male.
    If your not White and your trying to do this I would honestly reevaluate your life decisions– just pick one life’s struggle damn.

  5. Is this really that big of a deal or this just American thing re the issues of black and white models having sex together????

  6. It makes me incredibly sad that we as gay men [gay porn in particular] make SUCH a distinction of GAY BLACK AND GAY WHITE MEN. For crying out loud…a hard cock…is just a hard cock. Our porn industry is abrasively segregated and often the title are blatantly racist, It’s always ..”thug this…black..or ebony”. I hope for a better enlightened path for not just the porn industry but for gay men in general.

  7. Not to mentioned that when an AA is featured it’s often thug this, ebony that. You don’t see titles that make specific reference to hispanics, arabic, jewish, etc etc. IE..his first hispanic dick ….I rarely see that..

  8. The “BBC” is always the headline in a interracial adult video. Pathetic too is that this is really much of a myth compared to SCIENTIFIC evidence which at best finds a half inch difference between African-American and Caucasian as an average.
    But that is porn. Big cocks sell. Sadly there are likely many very hot black men that are average of close to it that never get seen. Robert Axel is one example of a somewhat larger cock on a stunningly gorgeous man.

  9. If porn didn’t concentrate on the size of the dick then more black men would be in porn. They LOVE to showcase the BBC. If they focused on looks and not dick there would be lots of hot African-Americans in porn. Diesel might be out of work if he isn’t already.

  10. It was likely just a fun emoji (hoping). But clearly not something he gave any consideration to. DUMB!

  11. I’m a Big Cry Baby because I work to bring more Diversity to Ga porn? That is RICH….
    And Idiot how am I going to be featured on Sean Cody when Sean Cody is an Amateur site? Sean Cody doesn’t work with models already establish in the business.
    Your just Dumb, and talking out your ass…

  12. There is no diversity needed because guys who wanna see black guys go to Breed It Raw, Raw Strokes, MachoFucker, and the like. The struggling and failing mainstream gay condom porn industry can barely stay afloat. Bringing in more black guys would mean competing with superior bareback sites, where the black guys are WAY hotter than Diesel Washington, if you even wanna call him hot in the first place. lol

  13. Not much diversity in porn originating out of other countries either. So, I think it’s more of a collective situation.

  14. I see a pattern here: this is the 3rd time you’ve made inflammatory remarks against minorities (the 2 others were for Asians). I wonder why people like you aren’t banned- my guess is that you have a friend working @MOP

  15. I might be a few years late but…… “Gay lifestyle only suited for white men” Really!?! Wow how ignorant are you? What would you be saying if a straight white American said that the American dream, American lifestyle, or America in general is ‘only really suited for Straight people’. You foolish idiot! You would be outraged if that was said. Please think before you speak….

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