6 thoughts on “The model in Perry of SC (tip @ Defiant)

  1. I guess that means we won’t be seeing him on SC anymore, unless they have a couple of scenes with him that he shot before he became a professional model.
    BTW that black and white picture of him is so heavily photoshopped he looks like a different person.

  2. He’s a strange one for me. Georgous guy with a great body and performs well but I keep getting the impression that they have him acting more ” effeminate” than he really is. I don’t know if that makes any sense but there is something amiss with him in his videos. He’s quite funny too but I think they should let him appear more ” natural “

  3. He comes across ass annoying to me. A handsome guy, but I am not into him at all. I hope he is no more at SC and his modeling career takes off. He’s one of those people, better seen than heard.

  4. it is used in contrast to “actor” – someone who prepares lines to deliver. when no lines are prepared they are named a “model”.

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