Condom use at Breed Me Raw with Rocco Steele & Owen Powers (tip @ Alias74)

Back in the days (before 2012), it was controversial for a gay porn site to do bareback but there was demand so a broken condom was the solution. Breed Me Raw, a bareback porn site, just did a reverse, they made Rocco Steele wear a condom that broke "However he wanted Rocco to put a condom on before he rammed it in there. He thought he was getting it safe but cause Rocco's cock is so huge the condom busted in his hole and Rocco kept going until he was completing satisfied…like it should be!"


It even had Owen suck Rocco's cock with condom on.



10 thoughts on “Condom use at Breed Me Raw with Rocco Steele & Owen Powers (tip @ Alias74)

  1. uh. this is the 3rd or 4th scene those 2 have done together (which is already fucktarded – why do porn companies shoot the same guys together and worse why do the porn stars agree to do scenes with the same partners?) …
    so we are supposed to believe that the bottom wanted to get fucked “safely” even though he’s been fucked raw by the overexposed Dame Steele in several other scenes? WTF?
    Can someone please just make Rocco Steele go away already? Pretty please?

  2. What Jack^ said though I don’t want Steele to go away. But he’s definitely experiencing a little Connor Maguire surge right now and we could stand to see just a tiny bit less of him for a moment.

  3. Didn’t know Owen Powers would ever do condom work. He started with BB and is usually advertised as a cum slut.

  4. Yeah!!…What’s going on @ BMR?? First noted Tyler Reed fucking Dylan Saunders back in March 2015 wearing a condom.
    I think it’s time to remove the word “RAW” from their Studio’s name.

  5. This scene is from a movie called ‘Condom Break 3’
    Condom Break 3
    Stars: Tyler Reed, Christian Matthews, Dylan Saunders, Shay Michaels, Brad Kalvo, Rocco Steele, Owen Powers
    Studio: RawJoxxx
    Released: 2014
    This particular scene has some great close-ups, a little ass-to-mouth, and the requisite tiny load from Rocco. I’ve concluded that this man must film so much porn in such a short amount of time that there’s no way he could keep up. There’s the demand, so he always brings his huge dick to the party. Okay, so anyway, in this scene (and entire movie), you will not actually witness a condom break; just creative editing. No, Rocco’s dick didn’t bust the condom, although that’s a fantastic write-up!
    Overall, the entire movie is worth checking out especially if you like breeding/creampies, bears and scenes that get right to the fucking.

  6. pretty much all the “infected” porn stars.
    So…the ugly ones.
    The scenes were usually condom fuck- edit out the part were they get a pair of scissor to cut the condom- fuck- cum.

  7. for real rocco is like one of the only real models left and who cares if he does multiple scenes I wish other popular sites like SC did this like that they wouldn’t be in their position and we would have plenty of options. But their raw fuck club scene is by far the best imo

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