It’s official. Sean Cody is now with Men

On my affiliate dashboard at MEN, it now includes a link to Sean Cody. There is now a new pricing scheme.

SC via CcBill payment processor.


SC via Men's payment processor.


21 thoughts on “It’s official. Sean Cody is now with Men

  1. At least now we’re likely to get holiday sale prices – something SC has never ever done. I got a year’s sub to for quite a bargain so if they apply that to Sean Cody then I will welcome over new overlords.

  2. The $120 for a full year is as tempting offer, assuming you’re sufficiently satisfied wit their content. of course, who knows what future content will be like – will it improve or decline under new management.

  3. Supposedly, SC will remain the same, according to the info when the purchase was 1st announced.
    Now, will their scenes improve? That’s another story.

  4. MEN has been turning to trashier and trashier models just recently. Really substandard and that make Sean Cody’s look like they’re fresh off the runway!

  5. i let my subscription go now that Davids gone… IDK why but that guy really got me hooked on that site after years of ignoring it.. I wonder if he will turn up at ? i heard that he was completely straight which i have to say surprised me as he actually was convincing.. maybe he will becme a hollywood star instead lol

  6. I don’t know if it was genuine Scott but the model ” David ” posted something on a blog saying he had retired 😂 but porn stars tend to be like Cher and do
    Comebacks a lot

  7. David is a passionate performer. But I don’t think he reached the same level as Brandon, Jess or Abe already did. IMHO, David is an A- actor at Seancody.
    And David was over exposed last year. David shot about 12 scenes in 2014. He did not miss a single month. People are tired of watching the same face over and over again.
    I think David is Bi. The way David talks and acts in interview or behind of scenes looks kinda gay.
    I had a SC bottoming up wish list in January 2014, but none of them got fucked. 🙁
    It’s a very disappoint year for SC fans. Hope mindgeek could do something this year, although it looks no that promising so far.

  8. sucks so bad I can’t fathom anyone paying for it, let alone for an entire year!

  9. That’s what I thought . He’s a masculine guy & passionate performer but the behinds the scenes stuff was the give a way for me – 😀 great sense of humour too ! He was funny
    I miss him

  10. It sucks. It’s been a while since I downloaded videos from them. Recently it’s been the same people over and over. It’s really boring. They have hot guy solos but that’s it! Then it’s back to the same boring people. And Corbin Fisher’s the same! What the hell is happening????!!!!

  11. Is that why they fired all their men or simply didn’t retain them? I miss the old SC. I like Men and have s subscription but SC just didn’t feel as corporate as MEN does.

  12. wow you always hear about this site is about to die and this one but i never ever expected it to be SC. I knew that they would be faced with problems but this i did not expect, I guess they could not afford to hold out anymore.
    Ah well GG. CF is next.
    Im wondeering whats next cus I dont see any new and riseing sites coming along he way. I guess Tube sites will remain king.

  13. Earlier this year I came across a pic of Colt Rivers Aka ” Ryan ” & ” David”. Ryan was wrapped around David’s neck and waist . It was a cool pic and hot to. I tweeted it and posted to Colt rivers Twitter page. To my surprise – he liked it & retweeted it adding to my comments about the awesome chemistry in their scene.
    My iPhone went nuts with all the likes & retweeted then the post was taken down ! I thought that said it all
    I must have caught Colt in a moment !
    I thought this said it all about Sean Cody . It’s all smoke & mirrors – sure some of the guys are straight or whatever but the reality will be very different .

  14. Sorry, Jon, I don’t get the aha! moment you’re implying. David may be whatever but all his social media says he’s straight in his private life. Surely, you don’t think there is an active conspiracy to hide the “real” sexual orientation of their performers whic also seems to be what you’re hinting at. They don’t even state their performers orientation any more. They just let them speak for themselves. For me conspiracy theories are the last place intelligent people should go to for explanations. Too often it is simply the product of mental laziness especially if it validates something we would like to believe anyway. Do some investigating before hinting at nefarious intent by SC.

  15. I make it a point not to share this kind of information especially if it is clear that they are not publicizing their connection to porn. In this case I stumbled on it accidentally after a friend asked if I recognized the face on a website. It turned out to be David. It has since gone private but it was public long enough to get a feel for who he was. He has a gf and they have been together for a while. Actually, the performer who turned out to be straight, or at least living in a serious relationship with a woman, that shocked me was Blake. Though he never directly described himself as bisexual, I like many others thought he was at least that if not outright gay. Turns out he is largely straight. That was confirmed by Brody who did a scene with him. I was dumbfounded.
    Too many people do destructive things with knowledge of these guys’ private lives. Someone recently posted what some stalker did to SC Stu and his family. I don’t want to contribute to that. Most of the bigger stars real names are readily available on the net if you do a little research.

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