Michael Lucas on Sebastian Young’s allegations

Last Sunday, Sebastian Young tweeted that Lucas Entertainment was the cheapest studio and called Michael Lucas a douchebag.


Sebastian gave a more detailed explanation about his allegations of sexual harassment, bizarre behavior, non-payment & pairing of serodiscordant models in bareback scenes with his interview with Str8 Up Gay Porn.


So, I asked Michael for his side and here is his reply on the issue.

I'm sorry to read that Sebastian Young is spreading bad stories about me.

Sebastian was very difficult on this shoot. We had worked with him a couple of times before; the previous time, he didn’t show up for filming and disappeared. Two months later, he came back and said he'd had some trouble with a girl who stole his personal documents, and begged us for another chance. We gave him one, which we soon regretted. On set, he was extremely rude, short-tempered, unbalanced and aggressive. After his scene, we told him that we would not employ him again.

Now he has come forward to complain about me to an online gossip columnist who (as he knows) hates my guts. Two of Sebastian’s stories have elements of truth, so I'll address those now.

Sebastian says that we “shorted the money” for his travels. He lives in Ormond Beach, Florida, which is 250 miles from Fort Lauderdale, where we were shooting. A return trip costs $40 to $50. He provided a receipt for $53, which we paid immediately. He then demanded another $50, but could not provide any additional receipts, so he was not reimbursed. That is standard practice for our accounting department, but his request also made no sense. That trip did not cost $100 in gas.

Sebastian also says that I pressured him to have sex with HIV-positive models. That is a distortion. I did ask if he would be comfortable having sex with an HIV-positive partner, as I do with every model. I also explained my position (which I've written about many times) that Truvada has changed the risk of having sex with HIV-positive men who are aware of their status and are taking medication to the point that their viral loads are undetectable. As an HIV-negative man with an HIV-positive boyfriend, and as someone who works in an industry with a high percentage of HIV-positive models, I'm strongly committed to educating people and reducing the stigma against people with HIV. I believe that Sebastian’s position is out of date. But I never tried to coerce him into having sex with an HIV-positive partner.

The rest of Sebastian’s interview, including the part about me trying to seduce him, is completely untrue. The bottom line is that he knew he was not going to be working with us again, so he used a fake story about me to win favor from a columnist who attacked him the week before. This is the kind of behavior that has made Sebastian unemployable.

UPDATE As for the comments sent by porn stars, I asked each one of them for a confirmation.