Drew Sebastian’s Raw Seduction of Dolf Dietrich by Alias74


OVERALL IMPRESSION: Watching real life boyfriend porn clips, I wonder: are we seeing lovemaking behind closed doors or a hyper-performed version? Meta discussion aside, I happen to really like Drew Sebastian and Dolf Dietrich. Amidst the ‘Ryan Rose’s and Aber-zombies of gay porn, they are organically sexy and robust without the self-congratulatory preening and reality show drama. Their joint Lucas Entertainment clip has some really hot moments and kink, but it’s a squandered opportunity. Completely marred from the word ‘go’, the editing is horribly jarring, and everything has a sense of being rushed and done “by the numbers”. It’s not the fault of the actors, but man, the director and the editor need to get their head in the game.


Things to look out for:

  • Scene MVP Drew Sebastian is a SEX GOD! The man does it all, and he does it well and proud. Love seeing his huge cock bounce as he rides Dolf
  • The kink is pervasive here: rimming, gapes, ATM, creampies, snowball-cum eating, and double ended dildo play. I bet these two get crazy kinky behind closed doors.

Scenereview_drewsebastian_dolfdietrich_by_alias74_03 Scenereview_drewsebastian_dolfdietrich_by_alias74_04 

Things I could have done without:

  • Dolf, what’s going on? – He needs a brush up on oral skills (less hands, more mouth, deeper throat please) AND, like in his clip with Rocco Steele, he’s mighty tentative riding Drew’s cock (more a slow rider versus a balls deep, get-hammered bottom)
  • WHY? – Every position is shot briefly before switching to another position/sex act, making everything feel rushed and as if they’re trying to hit marks.
  • Editing is horrible – “boyfriend experience” is conveyed with longer unedited takes. Not so here – lots of cutting and editing. Too jarring.
  • Fire the editor! – Dolf’s cum shot is placed out of sequence at 26:05. Seconds later, Drew asks if Dolf wants to breed his hole, the fucking ramps up, and then…..a dissolve into a new position. WTF?
  • HD is rough, I’ll tell you – look close and you’ll catch every hyperpigmentation, angry pimple, stretch mark, odd red bump (on Dolf’s cock), and even a guest appearance by a speck of “dirt” on the double ended dildo. YOW.


Hottest Moments:

  • 9:14 and beyond – Dolf proves a hard driving top (really opens up and slams Drew)
  • 12:38 and beyond – Dolf hammers Drew’s gaping hole and then segues to an ATM
  • 29:27 and beyond – Drew’s epic drippy creampie followed by an ATM and some minor snowballing