20 thoughts on “Sebastian Young’s bad experience with Lucas Entertainment

  1. Michael Lucas is a fraud. He used to go on and on and on about other studios doing raw scenes, how he’d never do it, blah blah blah. Now he churns out raw scenes every day. What a hypocrite.

  2. The internal cumshots are fake as fuck! During the scene between dylan james and michael lachlan, michael’s cumshot was watching dylan just spout out a white substance that looked like (fake) cum.

  3. I don’t discount his bad experience with Michael Lucas- it’s only a matter of time before that studio completely implodes by the look of things….
    But glancing through his Twitter feed via the link, I noticed he did a Skype session the other day and charged $100 to watch him jack off. I don’t know anything about cam shows or that whole arena— is that a standard rate? Just to watch someone jack it on Skype?

  4. I’ve heard of non-porn guys charging 100 bucks for a private cam show and that might be a fair rate since it’s the only way you’re going to get to see them jack off. I can’t imagine why anyone would pay $100 to see a porn dude whack off when you can just watch their videos for much less, or even free on the tube sites.
    Also, many times these cam guys aren’t using Skype but are using a site specifically designed for this sort of thing and the site takes a percentage of the model’s fee.

  5. Sebastian Young and Michael Lucas are birds of a feather. They’re both notoriously shady douche bags with less than stellar reputations in the industry. Not sure why anyone would agree to work with either one of these guys but the pairing makes perfect sense. A match made in hell. The only question was, which one was gonna get burned. Now we know. Everybody knows what Lucas is about and if your fool enough to get mixed up with him, you can’t turn around and cry victim. Player got played but it’s only a matter of time before some very bad things happen to Michael Lucas.

  6. I’m not so sure Sebastian Young has the right to bitch and moan about how other people conduct their lives. Lucas may be cheap and … whatever … but I don’t think he’s been incarcerated for beating up a girl. Sebastian Young has no credibility with which to throw shade. None.

  7. Who cares what Sebastian did before this link is about porn stars being treated badly by Lucas. Lucas will and should get out of the business all together. Lucas is pathetic with all the fake cum shots and fake fucking he really is PATHETIC

  8. What’s more shocking than LE’s treatment of their models is Sebastian’s hiv neg status. o.o

  9. So many people over the last year or two has said Michael Lewis is full of shit. It seems there is fire to this smoke.

  10. So…does this mean that Sebastian Young is actually out of prison then? The last I heard, I thought he was?

  11. Thanks for the info… I figured on the other sites it was most likely something like that arrangement (a percentage taken out for the site itself) but I didn’t think someone could (should?) charge for Skype, since it’s a free service.
    And I agree- if it were a hot model who kept himself ‘private’, maybe people would be intrigued enough, but this guy’s cock has been out for a while now… I don’t know ’bout that rate.

  12. Quite a bit, probably. Since he was sprung, he’s bottomed BB, & (for Lucas) he drank a piss cocktail.
    Is the bitching about $?

  13. Not sure if Sebastian was referring to how Micheal conducts his “life” but more than likely referred to Micheal’s BUSINESS MODEL; how he conducts BUSINESS [porn]

  14. Yeah, I’m a little shocked that he put his status out there so boldly. But Young has never been discreet, so I shouldn’t be too surprised he outed himself like that.

  15. Indeed Skype is free, but the guys like to use Skype because they get to keep 100% of the money, like I alluded to earlier. Skype is sorta the illegitimate, work-around for sites like Flirt4Free, Chaturbate, Cam4, etc. All factors equal, it would be easier for a guy to scam you out of your money on Skype than it would be for one of these guys on the sites I listed above. So, you’d need to be careful. Typically, the cam dude wants the money up front so he doesn’t get stiffed. I’ve never used any of these sites, except the free parts.

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