Will you be watching? Daddy POV

Gay Room will release this coming Wednesday its first series via Men POV titled Daddy POV, which stars Adam Herst, Colt Rivers, Jared Wild and Rickey Silver.


For those who think POV is a straight niche, Men POV explains “There are no chopped off heads or unseen guys – just specialized POV cameras that let you really imagine you’re there. The camera work features BOTH guys and when people try it out – they love it.

According to Gay Room, their goal is to have a monthly series. One of them is about anonymous porn fans paired with porn stars for Men POV.

8 thoughts on “Will you be watching? Daddy POV

  1. POV is not that new of a concept. I am not a fan of it. I don’t like to “pretend” I am there .. Rather the perspective should not be close ups rather i find filming from both a distance and close up is much better in my opinion. I have never seen POV done well. So there are two turn offs already “daddy por” and “POV”. I am going to pass.

  2. WoW. I didn’t see this coming.
    Well I love the idea– a LOT.
    But dont they already have a PoV site out. I tried looking at the current PoV site and again I rarely can get a consistent camera angle of the bottom before they switch to the eyes of the bottom. Which instantly turns me off.
    I guess seeing as how the majority of these films are marketed toward bottoms/verse dudes in addition to the fact it adds scene length if shown from both sides/angles they are winning with the majority.
    What makes this stand out is the idea of the possibility that anon fans (Me!) have the opportunity to be paired with porn stars PoV style. Fuck yea, where do I sign up!
    But im sure theirs a catch or some shit like you have a years worth of subscriptions and so on and you may never be picked anyway. And besides it did say ‘not set in stone’. Sigh anyway. Ill stick to the Checkhunter stuff and tubesites.
    But I will still keep an eye out.

  3. This is still a fail, GayRoom, and yes, still a straight niche. But, what do you expect from a straight-owned and operated company to know how to make and market gay porn to a gay-oriented audience. POV will never be popular in gay porn, even if they give you both top and bottom perspectives, and especially with their “anonymous” porn fans fucking porn stars. That’s the last thing I care to see (or not see in this case) in porn right after condoms.

  4. My bad. The “not set in stone” comment was mine. I have removed it from the post.
    They said their goal was to have it monthly. A goal can or can’t happen.

  5. I might watch because I like Adam Herst (especially his work at Kink), but the concept isn’t all that intriguing.

  6. Yeah, this seems stupid. Perhaps it will develop over time into something intriguing, but right now it seems that in their effort to put you “right there” in the action, they actually end up distancing the viewer with their constantly shifting POVs and cameras that look like they are mounted atop a dick, but ye somehow offering nothing interesting in terms of perspective, story or sizzle. I mean, why not have a camera buried inside an asshole, and see it from that POV? They could film 9-hour videos, where you see the dicks getting shoved inside, filled with loads, then taking a shit, and, later on, a still, silent blackness as he plays on his iPhone while sitting around at Starbucks. I’d watch that.

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