Will you be watching? SYTYCF 5

This coming Thursday, the 5th season of So You Think You Can Fuck from Dominic Ford will start. It’s all about couples.


Team Green is married couple Seth Santoro, who changed his last porn name (Treston) last year, and Billy Santoro.

Teamgreen_sytycf_01 Teamgreen_sytycf_02

Team Red is Brandon Wilde and Dylan Knight, who share a dog with her own twitter account named Jazmine Wilde Knight.


Team Blue is fake couple Logan Moore and Theo Ford, who recently got married to a green card Shawn Stoltz.


3 thoughts on “Will you be watching? SYTYCF 5

  1. No thank you. This “series” is as interesting and fun to watch as “Dynasty” reruns from the 80s.

  2. Nope. Used to be about introducing new talent.
    Now the series features established performers. Nothing new, so moving along.

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