58 thoughts on “Zane Penn at Maverick Men (tip @ Alias74)

  1. It reminds me a bit of when ‘Chris Gabriel’ came on the scene (ba dum bum!) and did two bareback scenes for TIM and SX, and then suddenly re-branded himself as ‘Marc Dylan’ and went on this whole spiel about how he didn’t know what the studios were about and barebacking is so bad, blah blah blah… Meanwhile, in the scenes he is the cum-hungriest little raw whore ever to be seen (and I mean that as a compliment!) and had access to the interweb before he ever did a thing. Surely he could have found out what kind of studios he was getting into bed with, so to speak.
    This guy- Zane? Zany?- clearly had no problem getting into bed with the dogs. He can’t claim now he didn’t think there might be fleas to be had. He was a nice guy going out on a limb? What does that even mean, for fuck’s sake?! hahahahahahahahahaha……….

  2. From the short preview MM released Zane didn’t seem to hate the experience he was all smiles and at the end he said he had a good time.

  3. I agree. This does seem about as ridiculous as Marc Dylan’s “Chris Gabriel” backpedaling. And it’s likely premised in a similar idea – this thought that working at certain studios is damaging to a porn actor’s ‘brand’. Which is so mind-numbingly stupid I can hardly deal.

  4. ALL porn is inherently sleazy. You’re talking about it like it’s art.
    I hope Zane comes to his senses and leaves GayHoopla, a dead end for gay porn. Randy Blue would be good.

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