Scenes of Blake II were removed from Corbin Fisher (tips @ Steven & JP)

The second guy named Blake was introduced by Corbin Fisher in 2012. He was one of few guys in 2012 whose description included liking men.






If you searched for Blake at Corbin Fisher, only the first Blake introduced in 2006 will appear in the result page.


No reason was given by Corbin Fisher in a reply to Steven in Ft Lauderdale as to what happened to the content of Blake "Blake II and the respective episodes have been removed from the site. At this time, there are no plans of either returning. Thank you."

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    NOT an UNUSUAL scenario coming from CF. What is surprising is the tenure duration since Blake II solo debut was released back in July 2012.
    After 14 ACM and 6 CFS Exclusive scenes,…over a 30 month span,…I would “speculate” its serious enough for Corbin wishing to be disassociated with the situation.
    Blake’s last video dates back to July 2013 “ACM-Chandler Creams Blake” …so at least he got plowed by one of CF’s biggest dicks. 🙂 🙂
    Thanks JP & Steven for the update….and DENZ for publishing the info. ” MoP is truly an Almanac & Encyclopedia of Gay-PORN “

  2. Blake did some good scenes. I wonder if it was another case like the last CF one with the gun that he turned on himself.

  3. Well that explains why I couldn’t find the video of Tyson fucking Blake last night. What the FUCK is going on at CF???

  4. I remember him. He was a cold lay and is one of the lesser attractive “gay” guys CF has had. For example, compare Blake to the utterly sublime Jarrett, one of CF’s hottest gay guys ever.

  5. Well, this is no great loss…
    Don’t tell me this one killed himself too. Or perhaps he’s banging Corbin and asked nicely for his scenes to be removed. It should be noted that Josh works behind-the-scenes now, and his work is still available. So there has to be a real reason why Blake’s scenes are gone.
    If you guys didn’t point it out, I would’ve never known. There’s not a chance in hell I’d ever search his name anyway.

  6. His scene with Tyson was one of the hottest. That dude was royally banged into submission. He got fucked and degraded so hard I came several times watching that scene. His scene withe Kellan was also a boner beater. I am glad I downloaded them so I can watch again. I agree otherwise no great loss.

  7. Tyson was a gem with too short of a time spent at CF. They desperately need a top who can be “…banged into submission.”

  8. His father said they should keep them up–he thought it’s what “Sean” would have wanted.

  9. same thing has happened with the scenes featuring a new model on there named clay, they are all gone and they were just premiered on the site a few months ago

  10. Well, of course there’s the current star Quinn. Very recently there’s Terry & Seth. And there’s the recent Miles, who’s actually bi, I think, but I’m guessing you don’t mind including the guys who openly say they are into guys. IIRC, Clinton is gay. Sylas, Stefan, Riley, Sloan, Thad, Carter, Jude, Taylor, Luca, Levi, Jamie, Greg, Adam, Dante, Joel, Brady, Marc (Chaosmen Vander), Dave, Jesse (Santana), Nate, Kyle, Mason (Wyler), Casey, AJ (Blu Kennedy).
    Basically, I started from the beginning of the roster, so in case of doubt, it’s the newer/est of the given name, except where I noted. I’m sure I’ve missed some but I’ve erred on the side of only naming the ones I’m very sure about. I collect CF and I follow them most closely, but my knowledge skews toward their older stuff, like say before the last couple of years. Someone else here can chime in.
    It’s also worth noting that in the beginning couple of years, CF was mostly gay/bi guys until Corbin started following the gay-for-pay, “Straight” guy worshiping model of gay porn.

  11. Wonder if it had something to do with his age at the time of his first video?

  12. LLuca is bi, Marc (Vander) also bi and AJ (if you know his real name look him up in fb, he has a girlfriend now).
    Wonder what happened to Levi, a real gay guy and boy was he HOT. 🙂

  13. My list was guys who have expressed that they are into guys, not necessarily gay.
    You’re saying Blu Kennedy has a girlfriend? The GEVI lists him as gay.

  14. Blake works behind the scenes at CF so I don’t know why all of a sudden they pulled the videos. All the other models who who work off camera there still has their videos up.

  15. He had a sorta goofy face, but I liked him. I hope I saved a few of his scenes along the way.
    I guess this is a reminder to save anything you like because you never know when CF could pull it.

  16. What about redheaded Matt? And Sloan was actually straight, Von. They made him a bottom because he couldn’t stay hard long enough to top. Also, you forgot Skye.

  17. Ugh, forgot about Levi. Loved every single scene he was in. Especially the one with Cole when Cole had let his hair grow out.

  18. No great loss? Come on now, NG212. Even if you don’t care for Blake’s videos, if he has died then it’s still sad for a human being to loss a life unless he’s the most despicable ass to walk the earth.

  19. You’re not lying. I know SC has pulled some stuff but CF is really going to make people mad doing this. I know some people that used to get their stuff threw Monster Upload or whatever along with Files Tube but that’s died down since sites have been suing said sites.

  20. I find it funny that Blake’s videos are gone yet SC still has Nick #4’s videos and we all know his real name and we know his mama is a soap star.

  21. As much as I like a lot of the guys in gay porn, the last thing I would do is believe any of them when they discuss their sexual orientation. They just have too many reasons to lie.

  22. I don’t believe them either. When you read the stuff on the various blogs about who has sees whom with whomever, etc. you realised it is all marketing bullshit. And even the Book of Face can’t be believed. People spend a lot of time creating the image they want on there. As always, it is only real life that matters. Apparently, people spend an average of 1 day per week pissing around with social media.

  23. Ah yes, wonder why I didn’t run across adorable, little Matt. I am a fan of his. I did also forget about Skye, thank you. I appreciate the corrections.

  24. Get your info right, or at least say that you’re not sure about some of the info you’ve typed. I Know blu’s real name and facebook he has no gf, he is however an engineer. And Clinton is gay, cf has made gay models sleep with females in the past e.g. Ace who’s admitted that he’s gay on his twitter. This is how rumors spread. Just like the other day on another blog some idiot said that Adam Killian and Dylan James were dating and then i saw someone else post it on here, when Dylan as a live in gf. Granted he could be in an open relationship, but highly doubtful.

  25. I think he’s doing BTS work – he was at the (doing set-up work) CF11 party this past January in Vegas –

  26. Just to clarify, Blu Kennedy is not even vaguely straight. We used to be close and are still connected on FB. He’s had several long-term boyfriends, four boyfriends at once in fact at one point, fucked me several times and last I heard was near-enough married to a guy. So fear not on that score.

  27. Thank you for restoring my faith in one of my early ginger crushes. I hope he is still living in NYC where if I remember correctly he was a popular bartender while attending college.

  28. Terry, which is Nick 4? I looked on the SC site and there’s only 3 Nicks and in my notes I have Nick 1 removed (SC0002). So, the most recent Nick on the site is the one you are speaking of?

  29. Thanks for the help with Blu. I don’t really know what causes these people to pop up outta nowhere and state as facts things they know nothing about. There is only one CF AJ so there was little chance for mistake.

  30. EVERYONE knows Blu Kennedys real name ..don’t remember where it was posted etc.. hes the ONLY ginger I followed in porn ..hope hes well and happy !!

  31. I miss Jarrett SO much! He looked like would be a supreme top but just had the one topping scene and the one bottoming scene. He was gorgeous and had a delicious fuck stick. Sigh…

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