18 thoughts on “CONGRATULATIONS!

  1. More porn star romances and weddings. How droll.
    More importantly, ewwww, it’s daddies. Gross. Galt has been around since 2000.

  2. Why don’t these guys have the decency to keep their private lives private? And also, when porn stars take their personas home with them, how can a relationship possibly work?

  3. It seems these porn model relationships don’t work. At least the ones that we are advertised widely like this one. Or maybe the ones we don’t know about do last, which is your well put point. This blog has reported two bust-ups just this week. Who will be next? Good luck to them. I hope they get some work to be able to afford clothes!

  4. Oh, for heaven’s sake, let’s just wish them Mazeltov and keep the other comments for another time.
    Hope they are happy, what they do & how they do it ain’t any of my business 🙂

  5. Yeah right. They are celebrities and when celebrities share their private business to the whole world then we get our say, sweet child.

  6. I totally agree I don’t really understand where all the negativity is coming from.

  7. It might have something to do with the fact that Billy Santoro, or whatever his name is, is a huge asshole.
    Unless you’re naive, ignorant or in love, when you’re an asshole people don’t like it.

  8. Pretty hot looking daddies, except for the ink. Every queen turns into a daddy at some point. Mother Nature makes it so. Many younger guys are attracted to daddies, possibly because they have a bit of maturity and confidence, although porn models wouldn’t fit into that category from what we see in their antics posted on Twitter and other social media.

  9. I am confused. Isn’t posting pictures to Twitter making their business the business of followers so they can see what it happening in your “private” life?

  10. Sorry, but what does this topic have too with Billy Santoro? Neither of the guys being ‘congratulated’ is him, so how does invoking his name justify the negativity?

  11. My apologies. I got my threads confused and was thinking it was the silly Santoro breakup mess.
    I have nothing personal against these two, other than the previously stated no interest whatsoever in daddies.

  12. Sure, I can agree with that, for daddies, they’re in great shape but have too many tats…tattoos are one of my pet peeves, but they wouldn’t interest me blank canvas. They also suffer from the gay clone bot syndrome.
    Another reason younger guys like daddies is for their financial maturity. 😉
    I enjoy younger guys who have a bit of maturity and confidence. 😉

  13. Where are they? That place looks soooo……..tranquil….so nice….I would love to enjoy a swim there.

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