Cris of Latin Boyz is now Dustin Powers of Broke Staight Boys (tip @ The Truth)

According to Latin Boyz "LatinBoyz model Temper has been on a roll lately and meeting some hot guys. Recently he brought in a 21 year old Puerto Rican from Los Angeles that he met at a party named Cris."


Did Temper, who is known as Justin Riggs at Broke Straight Boys, also referred Cris to Broke Straight Boys? Cris is the new guy and was given the name Dustin Powers "Let’s give Dustin Powers a nice, warm welcome … he's done a couple scenes elsewhere … was referred to us by a friend."


Both Cris and Temper already did a scene at Latin Boyz.


2 thoughts on “Cris of Latin Boyz is now Dustin Powers of Broke Staight Boys (tip @ The Truth)

  1. Well, I thought he looked familiar.
    Yeah, it’s a big dick and while he’s okay looking, he’s pretty boney.

  2. Dustin and Justin just released a scene at BSB to go with the Cris and Temper scene from LatinBoyz.
    I was wondering how often that happens, performers fucking each other under different names. I remember a couple of years ago, Colby Keller and Dale Cooper seemed to be having a new scene from different studios released almost every other week but it was always Colby and Dale.
    Then I remember Jarek fucked Ryan at SC and Jarec fucked Colt Rivers at Men…though if Dustin/Cris and Justin/Temper are also fucking off camera, that’s sort of cheating.

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