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  1. OMG that so is NOT a good picture of Dennis Reed. While he is tired and has been a thousand scenes, I don’t think he looks that bad.
    The only thing worse than some slag, is an old fucking slag.

  2. This is why i could never trust ANY porn star. I don’t know where these guys get their erections from but I don’t trust em. They are willing to have some guy fuck them in the ass and come on their faces and they will lick and fuck the overweight and elderly. IDK man

  3. And while these slags are mommies, it gets worse. I’ve seen lots of these Euro guys fucking grannies! We’re talking 50 plus, senior citizens. I used to watch this stuff way back but I kinda lost my stomach for it. Kinda like I use to watch a lot of the stuff from Kink.com but I’m not into that anymore. Pass.

  4. A real ageist crowd here! Why shouldn’t Moms have some fun and earn a little extra at the same time. I thought everyone knew that the Czech guys were paysexual. They’ll do anything, and anyone, for the right price. If you join the site, you get access to bonus sites like Creampie-mature, Mature-toiletsluts and Bizarre-mature-sex. Wow!

  5. Isn’t mainstream gay porn ageist by definition? ๐Ÿ˜‰ Not that this is, but it’s where we come from.

  6. I don’t see anything ageist at all. I like older dudes and older women but this is just yuck.

  7. I wish I had never looked at this item. Cannot be unseen.
    On a different note: I wish someone would do an interview with Denis Reed. I find him interesting and he has been in the gay porn business for over a decade. Might have some interesting stories to tell. We don’t hear much about/from non-Belami Czech gay porn models on the blogs (Men of Porn being a welcome exception).

  8. Czech guys are really great-fucks with everyone, which is magnificently…
    …and you do not be hypocrites and not judge anyone…

  9. The Czech guys in porn are known for the fact that, they will stick their dicks in anything that has a pulse – old, young, guy, girl, midget, ts, 9 months pregnant or even disabled.
    There is one guy in post pics, who has already done it all.

  10. I know for a fact that all those guys do gay porn too.
    I recognize them all and I particularly like Jan Faust, the guy on the bottom right. I too was shocked at first when I found out how versatile Czech performers were.. :S

  11. Denis Reed (awful photo), Ivan Mraz, Angelo Brada, Damien Dickey, and Jan Faust – all fairly prolific performers in gay porn and all seem to be straight in their private lives. All of them have worked with William Higgins and I think Ivan Mraz has done a scene with Bel Ami. They all have worked with a site called Staxus which has produced some pretty good porn as well. They all have other performer names but you can find them by these names at Gay Erotic Video Index if you want more info. Their ability to perform under what might be termed adverse conditions is almost mind boggling. Versatility is one thing but what some of these guys do is way beyond that.
    Denis is indeed a relative old timer in the porn industry in the Czech Reublic. I remember when he first appeared on the William Higgins site many years ago. I had the opportunity to meet him and chat briefly on one of my trips to Prague. He is very charming and likeable and sexy. He is one of the few performers who has been able to make the bulk of his income from porn. When I met him he said that he was transitioning into the production side of the industry. He seemed to have a good business sense. An interview with him, as Count Voronvich said, would give a lot of insight into the Czech porn industry which is huge.

  12. Porn like sports is where the young excel. No one picks a bouquet of wilted roses to give to a friend. When athletes and porn stars start to wilt, it is time to move on to other things. Realist not ageist.

  13. I marvel at the diversity in what porn is available. This is not the worst I’ve scene (or, probably, neither for most of the people who contribute to this blog). There are some pretty hot older guys, with good followings, eg. Paul Barbaro, in the gay scene, and some heteros would get off on cougars.
    However, this certainly puts paid to any idea of becoming a porn model to get off with hot guys. These models must have incredible levels of testosterone and great imaginations to keep them going while they perform in some of their scenes.

  14. Damn! I’m impressed. You really get around, Seahawksfan! First meeting Cliff, now I hear of Dennis. Wow I have only ever met Jason Adonis and Billy Brandt, but I didn’t “taste” them. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  15. Unfortunately, the few performers I met while in Prague that you would know I didn’t get to “taste” as you say. They were just brief intros while I was with my friend who lived there for over 10 years or while I was at Drake’s or some other club. My income in those days was sufficient enough to allow me the occasional escort treat both here and in Prague. That is certainly not the case now. Billy Brandt was one of my all time favorites from the ’90s before he got ‘roided out. What was your impression of him? Jason always struck me as the classic muscle jock narcissist who just enjoyed having guys ogle him. What say you?

  16. I can’t really say much about my personal experiences with either because I only briefly met them, shook their hand, said hi, and that’s about it. Course, one can always looks this stuff up on the net, but Jason is a tall guy, 6’2″ I believe. I cannot remember at all when I met him, but at the time he had a nice body. His body has varied over the years he’s been around. BTW, he made a very small cameo at the end of the Tim & Roma show a couple weeks back, showing off his body and it looks very good. Trim and tight. At times in the past his body got kinda big and I’m not so much into bodybuilder types. He he seemed pretty straight. I know, big surprise. He needs to return and do a proper bottoming scene and actually take a hard pounding and not whine and complain about it like he did in that one video. I’m thinking of Jason Adons Live & Direct 1
    Jason’s First Time back in 2007 shot by Mr Pam, who wasn’t nearly as famous back then. He bottomed for this dude, Zach Rockwood. Wasn’t his bottoming scene in The Farmer’s Son with Erik Rhodes alleged to be fake? My memory says that but it’s kinda foggy.
    Billy Brandt is also one of my favorites from the early years…the DVD era. He was super cute and made good videos, even his bottoming was hot! Personally, I guess he was a bit girly and flamboyant…but that didn’t deter me.
    BTW, were the boys rates in Prague appreciably cheaper than here in the States? In the past, I’ve kinda researched sex tourism, I guess they call it. I read about Brazilian boys being super cheap if you skip the touristy venues and instead go to a place that only the locals frequent. If they suspect you are American they automatically assume you are rich and demand higher pay. It was even suggested that you hire a local guide of sorts to help you navigate all the good spots and perhaps even do the negotiating for you. IRRC, with the power of the American dollar, you could hire 3-4 guys a night and not even spend $100USD. ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. I don’t remember much about Jason or his performances. I did see on one of the blogs his appearance on the Tim and Roma show. He did look good. I was surprised to hear your comment about Billy Brandt. He never struck me as being feminine. Who knew. I saw a recent photo of him at his current job as a prison guard. He looked so different as to be unrecognizable. He’s a fat, balding unattractive man. Scary.
    Interesting that you should mention Brazil. That was high on my list for another place to explore if you catch my drift. I didn’t want to go alone and the couple of friends who had expressed interest in going with me backed out because of the violence issue. Brazil has one of the highest rates of violent crime in the world among major countries. I have heard similar things to what you describe. Now it is only a remote possibility for both financial and health reasons. Just be careful if you do go.
    As for the prices in Prague, it depends on what level escort you’re looking for. Prague has become a kind of European sex tour destination of sorts. At the high end they are somewhat cheaper than the high end here but not dramatically so, about 50% to 70% of the price here. There are cheaper escorts in a couple of the local bars. It has been about 5 years since I was there but over the nearly 15 years from my first visit to my last things had not changed dramatically other than things kept getting more and more expensive as the Czech Republic became more integrated with EU. It is not nearly as cheap as Brazil but it is a hell of a lot safer. I never felt unsafe in Prague and it is a beautiful city with much to see, sex tourism or not.
    Do you have a JUB account? If you do send me a private message and I’ll tell you some stories about performers you might recognize and some other info you might find I testing. I just don’t feel comfortable recounting everything here. If not, no problem. My name at JUB is the same as it is here.

  18. With the merciless lighting and lenses they couldn’t do any worse to the women and therefore likewise to the men. In that way this site differs from many other str8 sites with G4P models and becomes a curiosity.

  19. Hey, I’ve heard that Brazils gay porn industry is similar to Czechs from somewhere is that true?

  20. I’ve never heard much about the porn industry in Brazil. It’s the largest in both size and population so it woul not be surprising that it’s porn industry is big. Maybe someone else knows something about the porn industry in Brazil. And I’m not sure what you mean when you say it is like the porn scene in the Czech Republic.

  21. Forgot to add “South America”. The wording should be “the largest in size and population in South America”. Sorry.

  22. Ok, I just thought since you seem like you know a lot about the gay porn industry and you talked of Brazil you knew something of it, and I meant that it’s similar to Czech in that it’s mostly gay-for-pay”?”

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