[updated] Get your dick ready, change is coming at Sean Cody

It is almost midnight (PDT) at Sean Cody and they haven't released an update. As you all know, the site updates every other day.


I already received four emails from fellow porn fans.

From Denny "I noticed that today, May 4th, SC was supposed to release a new solo scene. But they haven't. This is the first time since I have been a member (for 2 years) that they failed on the rotation of solo/skip day/action/skip day/solo etc… Maybe they will be releasing fewer scenes every week? Surprising. Perhaps a lack of models?"

From Fred "As you know, Sean Cody updates every two days. Today, there should have been a solo update. Nothing posted. Sean Cody updates always upload at midnight EST. They are incredibly consistent. I'm wondering if this is just an aberration or if this is the beginning of a new schedule (new ownership?). They don't mention anything on their site or Twitter page."

From Matt "I noticed sean cody missed its release today, the 4th. Possibly moving to a new release cycle since the sale to MEN.com?"

From GMan "Not sure what is going on at Seancody.com but they normally and have for years updated every other day and today (May 4th) at midnight east coast time there was not an update. Now that is not odd as it has happened in the past but the update did happen later in the day. It is now 1141pm May 4th and the new update was not posted. The last post was May 2nd between Tanner and new guy Trevor. There should have been a solo update today but nothing. I have a feeling that people are not going to get what they got as members in the past going forward. Members might be lucky to see two updates a week. Hopefully this is a glitch and nothing more but I have a feeling it is a sign to come with new ownership. I guess the rest of this week will tell the story."

Initiate disaster preparedness protocol!!! 🙂

UPDATE A day late & exactly at midnight (EST), Sean Cody released an update. Is it now twice a week, one solo and one action?


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  1. They’ve done it before. I don’t remember what date, but I remember that have skipped an update a couple times before.

  2. Who the fuck needs two solos every week. THEY WON’T COME BACK ANYWAY

  3. You’re right. It has happened, and not since two years ago. Just a hiccup I think.

  4. Yes, you should just stop visiting the site. It’s not worth your time and effort. I, on the other hand, feel that SC can do no wrong.

  5. A few actually bitch and whine about how they release so many solo’s! Probably just misplaced frustration at the severe lack of guys returning. Lotsa solo’s are ok in my book. I like solo vids and I recognize that many true straight guys are perfectly fine alone but have zero interest in gay sex no matter the price.

  6. Exactly. I thought the same–maybe they finally listened to all of the complaints about too many solos and decided to cut back. Go to one solo and two action scenes a week…not that the biting will cease.

  7. Zack from Str8 up has posted something explaining that SC has indeed changed their Schedule from 3 times a week to 2. And will post new updateds on Tuesday & Thursday.
    I’m no longer a member anyway. I joined way back in the day and always hated the whole concept of straight men grudgingly having sex- they even brought a woman in at some point .
    Then last year I came across the Ryan & David video. I became hooked on David for some strange reason and hooked on Sean Cody ! I’m so over it now . Each to their own and porn is all fake but I find SC to be the most faked sex in the industry and those horrible sleazy ( in the bad sense ) camera men !!
    Straight & desperate men – a lot of them with serious ” back acne ” issues who probably regret it 6 months later faking gay sex – no thanks
    But they do have handsome boys! but I think it’s probably all over now
    Lots of competition out there !

  8. Personally,…I think it was a SITE-MAINTENANCE issue. If there’s an update posted for tomorrow, – Wednesday 06-MAY,…then it would be safe to assume NO changes in SC’s sequential updating schedule.
    I sent a inquiry to Steven @ Codymedia but have yet to receive a response regarding NEW CONTENT schedule changes.
    Will keep my fingers-crossed that ALL will be back to a NORMAL – (Every Other Day) venue. 🙂 🙂

  9. Agree 100% I have said this same thing just recently on solo scenes. Also, few solos are ever a huge disappointment where as sex scenes with no chemistry can bomb.

  10. The most faked sex is probably at Gayhoopla since occasionally SC models have some chemistry. The scene with Tyler Hanson and Cole Money is the worst scene ever made. The two are clearly mocking gay men having sex and it it plain sick to watch. I don’t know how anyone supports that site and how the gays that run it could release such a disgusting video like that.

  11. I once spoke to Tyler. He said he was miserable because his parents hated him because he was gay.

  12. This might be the beginning of the end since the dire MEN.com have bought them…

  13. Was it because he’s “gay” or doing “gay porn?”
    I spoke with him once before and he said he was “bi” but the way he fucks and “sucks” suggests otherwise.

  14. SC has gone downhill and the pairings have been rather lame even before Men.com purchased them. I’d cancelled after seeing far too many solos, models that never return and boring pairings/action. And the constant use of over rated and under performing models…that’s you Brandon among others. I would like to support them with my hard earned $ but they need to ramp it up to the level from a few years back, and bring back the hot performers: Daniel, Peter, Jess and a slew of others rather the current lot!

  15. Thanks Mike,….Just read the article …and it’s a SAD SAD DAY for us SC Fans.

  16. This might be a way for members to cancel that pay the $10 dollars a month and then SC changes back to every other day again with better scenes. At that point they might hope that those that cancelled because of the reduction in video’s being uploaded weekly to coming back and paying the higher rates that they have put in place without the loyalty discount Seancody had in place for years. Just a thought…..

  17. I remember that. I think it was around November. I don’t know if it was a solo immediately followed by an action scene the next day or vice-versa. Either way, it kind of reminded me of SC back in the old days when Sebastian appeared in a solo and the following day was a scene between him and Ajay.

  18. Glad I’m not the only one who likes solos. It’s a double-edge sword for me. On one hand, I hate when the guys don’t come back. On the other hand I can still enjoy their solos and there is always that small chance that one will come back.

  19. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” SeanCody.com was, in my book, the world’s #1 gay porn website. The quality of their videos was stellar, the place was wall-to-wall with hot studs, the update schedule was precise, and the cost was more than reasonable. The new owners apparently have no regard for any of that and they may very well be hellbent on destroying it all … at least that’s the way it’s starting to look to me. What a shame! I hope Mr. Sean Cody himself got enough money when he sold it to justify letting the new owners kill his baby.

  20. All this said, new model Tristan is fucking amazing, and he has been with men before, which is a teaser, I know, but he looks very experienced.

  21. Follow the blogs and read the comment section of any number of them and people complain ALL the time about every site “going downhill” (except NDS and Men.com because their scenes just plain SUCK….can’t go downhill when you are at the bottom!).
    All of that drama aside…Two updates a week SUCKS! It’s a business decision at this point. With as much as SC shoots, I guarantee you that it was a production cost and budget decision on the new owners part – I bet there are so many scenes shot already that they could literally go a year or more on this 2 update (solo and hardcore) schedule without having to hire another performer or shoot another one.
    IT is a complete loss for fans.
    YES….a lot of the solo guys never came back but the pairings that were there….hot, sexy…something for everyone. SC is still tops out there (next to Chaosmen, Corbin, and Lucas Ent, of course). I’m willing to stick it out in the hopes it’s just growing pains.
    Who knows? Vociferous outcry might make the other schedule come back. ANd using a backlog like this might….might….give the new owners more time to scout for willing performers who will sign and do more than a solo.

  22. Why the complaints. I knew with the take over that ‘things were a changing’. Corbin Fisher has gone downhill over the last year releasing old scenes to pad out the site and offering cheap deals on top of that which is ok with me. At least you can join for the new great price. Also isn’t it bit sad that we are all wait for new updates like its the second coming. Its porn guys bloody hell…

  23. Interesting thought, but you can still essentially pay $10 a month by paying the annual subscription fee upfront with the new payment options.
    My guess is a constant loyal member each month, even at $10, is better than them mostly leaving and hoping for new subscribers.
    This is simply a way to cut company costs. Half the production costs for them with hope that they don’t lose more than 10-15% of their members is worth it from a business perspective. Fucks the consumer.

  24. The new owners do not have any regard for that legacy–it’s what all of these investment companies do…from t-shirt companies to porn.
    The real issue here is piracy. I don’t understand how people continue to steal porn and not pay for it and think these small businesses could stay afloat. I do not fault Mr. Cody for selling his business after it has been looted by vandals for the last half a decade. At least he found someone who wanted it.

  25. Sebastian said so himself on a cam show on their site, he also claimed to broke up with his ex boyfriend as well

  26. I commend your patience, but I myself am not prepared to wait for the site to return to their previous, well established release schedule – It’s just throwing good money after bad. If they’re effectively doubling the cost per scene (well, in weeks where there were 4 updates anyway), I’ll save my money or go elsewhere. When they start showing their loyal, paying customers some respect, I might consider returning. Making changes for whatever reason is their prerogative, but it just bad manners not to inform their existing members of their intent. I personally don’t believe for a moment that these changes are motivated by anything other than greed.

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