[updated] Get your dick ready, change is coming at Sean Cody

It is almost midnight (PDT) at Sean Cody and they haven't released an update. As you all know, the site updates every other day.


I already received four emails from fellow porn fans.

From Denny "I noticed that today, May 4th, SC was supposed to release a new solo scene. But they haven't. This is the first time since I have been a member (for 2 years) that they failed on the rotation of solo/skip day/action/skip day/solo etc… Maybe they will be releasing fewer scenes every week? Surprising. Perhaps a lack of models?"

From Fred "As you know, Sean Cody updates every two days. Today, there should have been a solo update. Nothing posted. Sean Cody updates always upload at midnight EST. They are incredibly consistent. I'm wondering if this is just an aberration or if this is the beginning of a new schedule (new ownership?). They don't mention anything on their site or Twitter page."

From Matt "I noticed sean cody missed its release today, the 4th. Possibly moving to a new release cycle since the sale to MEN.com?"

From GMan "Not sure what is going on at Seancody.com but they normally and have for years updated every other day and today (May 4th) at midnight east coast time there was not an update. Now that is not odd as it has happened in the past but the update did happen later in the day. It is now 1141pm May 4th and the new update was not posted. The last post was May 2nd between Tanner and new guy Trevor. There should have been a solo update today but nothing. I have a feeling that people are not going to get what they got as members in the past going forward. Members might be lucky to see two updates a week. Hopefully this is a glitch and nothing more but I have a feeling it is a sign to come with new ownership. I guess the rest of this week will tell the story."

Initiate disaster preparedness protocol!!! πŸ™‚

UPDATE A day late & exactly at midnight (EST), Sean Cody released an update. Is it now twice a week, one solo and one action?