Sean Cody is not accepting new models at the moment (tip @ J)

I got this email from J "Sean Cody is no longer accepting new models, which makes sense. This is probably why there's only going to be three updates a week on their site. I emailed the recruiting department with a new model who wanted to get booked and they told me this."

So, I asked for a screenshot of the email.

[screen shot of email was requested removed]

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  1. This is the latest response:
    Dear Customer,
    Thank you for contacting us.
    The website is currently reworking their update schedule and will have new updates soon. We are very sorry for the inconvenience.
    Note that you can also call or chat with one of our support reps for more information or to fix your account.
    You can locate our toll-free service numbers or reach our chat agents from the link located on this page:
    Jeremy, extension 1088
    Technical Support Rep

  2. I wasn’t told this, but that they would only be taking top tier guys interested in doing sex scenes. So maybe this was a solo only guy? Randy blue told me the same thing,looks like I will need to focus on actual gay guys now, they are turning away from gay for pay. A lot of the straight guys I find are against gay work at the start but change thier mind when they see its a legit job with great pay. I guess they will miss out on those types of guys.

  3. Here’s what I heard from inside source (a friend works at
    There will be frequent crossovers from here on out in the future between models and In fact, the site will be bundled with in the future.
    The site will also get a radical redesign to match the and look.
    Basically, the Sean Cody site that you came to love is gone.

  4. Have any of the studios actually said they are turning away from gay4pay? If a guy is willing to do full-on sex & does it convincingly, does anything think the studios really care whether he’s actually gay or not?

  5. How does one know whether or not a particular model is G4P? From various posts on this and other blogs, they one day have a girlfriend, and the next are marrying another male porn model. Sexuality is pretty fluid. If they are young, they can get hard for anything (c/f the post with the Euro-models and the cougars. One of the guys in that post is in recent updates at BelAmi and Staxus but can get it up for someone’s grandmother), probably hardest for the buck for which they fuck. More probably what is happening is that the guys at the margins who think they can make a quick buck getting off with a guy will disappear. The rest will stay in porn, and, if they are luck, have someone of some sex or another (or both in some cases, to go home to at the end of the day.

  6. Contrary to what many would like to believe, SC was well on it’s ‘death spiral’ long before purchased them. I used to be a faithful subscriber until about a year and half ago when they stopped using some of their hottest performers and instead relied on insipid ones like the overated Brandon. Many scenes were lame and predictable – a sure guarantee of turning away subscribers. Coupled with so many solo models that never returned, well that was a recipe for disaster and cancellation. Would not be missed if they continue this direction…now if they were to turn the clock back say 2 years then yeah I’ll sign up again.

  7. I guess I’m not bitter and resentful enough to wish MindGeek and Men dot com onto anyone, but I feel your pain.
    While I actually like solo’s and Brandon, I agree with everything else. I don’t think “too many” solo’s hurt them. I think not landing quality talent to return did. The why of all that would require another 8 paragraphs. Suffice to say, there’s always going to be a steady stream of real straight guys who’ll jack in a scene alone but have no part of any gay sex on camera no matter what the price. It’s kinda what makes them authentically straight, and not *”straight”. I think Brandon’s one trick pony show wouldn’t be the scandal that it is if SC was overall, generally more successful, specifically in securing great talent like they did in the past.

  8. well if a straight guy is not willing to do a gay video right away you are going to loose out on those types as sites dont want solo only guys. many g4p guys start off only wanting to do a solo but then decide after the solo to do gay scenes. Several of my guys started out only wanting to do a solo, wouldn’t even consider gay work, but after the solo and the good experience they changed their minds.

  9. My point is that it’s not gay4pay per se that need to be avoided but guys who are only willing to do solos – and I would bet that some gay guys fall in that category too. But the odds ARE probably better with guys who are either gay or bi.

  10. should be absorbed into SeanCody instead! Otherwise it’s like the guppy swallowing the whale, in terms of following and prestige!

  11. I don’t understand why solos should be avoided. Solo shooting is the best way to expose someone and to make people really want to see him in action.
    It may be a point that one have to get made bareback scenes to get people paying – but still – i don’t care to watch sketchsex or fraternity x, not even for free. Their models are probably nobodies because they are portrayed as such. Solo shooting is great for finding their photogenic sides, and to make them into persons possible to relate to. In action its easy to be lost behind the other.

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