Still erratic updates at Randy Blue even with the price increase (tip @ chriswill720)

Last January, I got an email from Jason401 regarding the erratic updates at Randy Blue, which I mentioned in this postLet’s talk a bit about Randy Blue… who’s pissing me off at the moment. While my membership is only $9.95/month, his inconsistent weekly updating is making it the most expensive membership on my $$ debit roster.  RB’s updates are usually posted on Tue/Fri and they have missed 2 in December (12th/26th)… and continues this trend into the New Year, with NO updates for the Jan 9th and 13th… “Budget Constraints”?

When Randy Blue introduced bareback last March 11, 2015, I noticed the monthly membership went up by $10.


Even with the price increase, there were still weeks were there was only one update. According to chriswill720They will go weeks with only 1 update. Then you’ll get two and then 1 again. Are they going under? No one there responds to inquiries.

*** Dates with red square had an update where May 06 was their latest update ***


Is this the new normal at Randy Blue?