Still erratic updates at Randy Blue even with the price increase (tip @ chriswill720)

Last January, I got an email from Jason401 regarding the erratic updates at Randy Blue, which I mentioned in this post "Let's talk a bit about Randy Blue… who's pissing me off at the moment. While my membership is only $9.95/month, his inconsistent weekly updating is making it the most expensive membership on my $$ debit roster.  RB's updates are usually posted on Tue/Fri and they have missed 2 in December (12th/26th)… and continues this trend into the New Year, with NO updates for the Jan 9th and 13th… "Budget Constraints"?"

When Randy Blue introduced bareback last March 11, 2015, I noticed the monthly membership went up by $10.


Even with the price increase, there were still weeks were there was only one update. According to chriswill720 "They will go weeks with only 1 update. Then you'll get two and then 1 again. Are they going under? No one there responds to inquiries."

*** dates with red square had an update, where May 06 was their latest update ***


Is this the new normal at Randy Blue?

22 thoughts on “Still erratic updates at Randy Blue even with the price increase (tip @ chriswill720)

  1. I noticed that as well. I just cancelled my membership and recommend everyone do as well. I am also considering canceling my regular monthly subscribers hip to Sean Cody too. Maybe go cold turkey for a year?

  2. Erratic updates, no regular schedule, and increased prices. No wonder people are torrenting porn.
    To Randy Blue’s credit, I hear they’re making bank from live cams. Would not be surprised if they just fully transitioned to that by the end of the year.

  3. THANKS – DENZ for spot-lighting RB’s Membership “RIP-OFF”. (NOW on of the worst in the industry) …. Reminds me so much of Fratmen.
    I can’t see the LOGIC to a price increase since going CONDOM-FREE saves Randy a buck/79 ($1.79) not having to purchase a prophylactic. LOL!!!!!!
    RB’s inconsistent updating is NOW common practice…and I try NOT to allow it to get on my “BAD-SIDE”.
    Thank goodness he’s got Scotty Marx, Justin Owen, Brett Swanson, Logan Milano and Austin Wolf… capture my hard-earned money $$$.

  4. This makes me so mad! Years ago, I locked in the “discount” rate of $995 per year and have been paying that price since then. Since I’m locked in, I can’t take advantage of the low prices we’ve seen in the past years. So I’ll just chalk it up to my own stupidity or just boredom for writing random comments on blogs.

  5. Which came first though? I think torrenting is a major cause of the decline we’re seeing. It’s a “tragedy of the commons” situation where what makes sense individually has hurt our collective interest in the production of good porn. And now it’s a vicious circle.

  6. Poor only Randy…he never really recovered from losing Reese Rideout and selling out to trashy cam models. His site isn’t even a tenth of what it was in its heyday.

  7. SeanCody is going the same way, although they have regular updates, the number of sex scenes decreased to one per week.

  8. Falcon is another tired studio churning out boring bland porn. They have been phoning it in for years. Surprised they are still around.

  9. I love how Sean Cody rep even acknowledges it:
    Dear Customer,
    Thank you for contacting us.
    The website is currently reworking their update schedule and will have new updates soon. We are very sorry for the inconvenience.
    Note that you can also call or chat with one of our support reps for more information or to fix your account.
    You can locate our toll-free service numbers or reach our chat agents from the link located on this page:
    Jeremy, extension 1088
    Technical Support Rep

  10. Cancel it immediately.
    $1k/year is a joke for this site in it’s current form.

  11. I tried that. But I’m locked in. I think the promotion was something like “$1000 for 1000 years” and the cancellation fee is astronomical. Nonetheless, I appreciate you taking my post seriously and giving me your advice. I’ve enjoyed the laugh.

  12. A thousand dollars a year? You must be joking or high! Who in their right mind would ever agree to that? That’s over $80/month! No site or combination of sites has ever been that high.
    If you aren’t joking, simply cancel the credit card, or contact your credit card company, at the very least.
    I’ve also never heard of porn site cancellation fees.

  13. I never said I used a credit card to pay for the annual fee. To take advantage of the promotion, you had to pay cash and wire the money via Western Union. I’ve been doing that for years and have never been able to gain access to the site at all. Any further suggestions from you would be greatly appreciated. I need the laugh!

  14. Bad luck and commiserations on the “Hitler” deal. The Third Reich was supposed to last for 1000 years. What a deal that would have been!

  15. If you can help me got out of the previous deal, I’d be happy to take you up on it. Just give me your SS#, DOB and bank acct#.

  16. You’re a comedian. I’m transmitting my Western Union account number now.

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