Tegan of Chaos Men is Tegan Zayne

Tegan was introduced by Chaos Men this week.


It is not common for a newbie at Chaos Men to have a twitter account. He goes by the name Tegan Zayne.


He is gay.


He loves his beard but will he look good without it?


And, if you want to stalk meet Tegan, he will be in Orlando and New York.


4 thoughts on “Tegan of Chaos Men is Tegan Zayne

  1. Tegan is one of the HOTTEST guys CM has featured in a long time! I can’t wait to see him in action with Griffin or Vander!

  2. Agreed. He’s really HOT!! Those dark features he has are just stunning. He sounds so sexy too!!

  3. Agree. Teegan is a hottie but can Bryan pair him with Corban? Please, I want MORE of Corban. He’s God and he can’t just do one hardcore scene and disappear forever. That’d be so heartbreaking that I wouldn’t know how to handle :'(

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