The 19th American to work for Belami Online is Dalton Briggs of Cocky Boys

According to Cocky Boys, Dalton Briggs [gallery], who first worked for Helix Studios [gallery], was born in Ukraine but he moved to the US to lived with his foster parents.




He is the latest American porn star hired by Belami Online to taste one or more of their boys.


The 19th for Belami Online.

1. Chance (1997)

2. Adam Dexter (2006),

3, 4, 5, 6, & 7 Dawson, Connor, Elijah, Josh and Zeke (2009)

8, 9, & 10 Bobby Clark, Skyler Caine and Jesse Santana (Cocky Boys)

11, 12, 13, 14 & 15 Mick Lovell, Brady Jansen, Alex Waters, Spencer Fox, and Austin Merrick (2011)

16 & 17 Max Ryder and Chase Austin (2012)

18. Connor Maguire (2014)

*** Ralph Woods (Canadian), Darius Ferdynand (British) & Dato Foland (Spanish) were not included.

*** Tommy Defendi was not included since he was paired with Dato Foland.

17 thoughts on “The 19th American to work for Belami Online is Dalton Briggs of Cocky Boys

  1. Unless he’s going to do bareback porn like he used to do at Helix, and what BelAmi customers are expecting and paying for, then there really is no point in this. I don’t think BelAmi subscribers are going to be wanting to see an American porn star come to interrupt their stream of bareback scenes of young good looking guys with a boring condom scene(s) like they did with that dumb Naked Sword crossover.

  2. He was but I think he is now a Spanish citizen. He is currently living in Spain and he got married in Madrid (?) last year.

  3. Cockboys -always condom; BelAmi -abandoned condoms. Crazy ass partnership!

  4. I agree with you. If his scenes for BA are not bb most BelAmi fans will be disappointed (but probably will not say so). If its condom only: maybe for BA to compete for a gay porn award. The better known awards are all for condom only scenes.

  5. It’s been a few years since I was a BA member and reading the comments left by members on the posted scenes. It was probably before they switched to bareback. From what I can remember, most of the BA members didn’t hold anything back when giving their opinions of the content. Do they somewhat stifle themselves on the bareback issue?
    But yeah, it should be very interesting to see what kind of baby you get when you cross a bareback studio with a condoms-only company.

  6. Pretty well all of the BelAmiOnline scenes are now “condom free”. If this guy did bb at Helix, he will probably do the same at BAO.

  7. No, the BA site administrator told me on the BA forum. During the same time Kris also filmed a scene for Scandal at the Vatican 2.

  8. Mick Lovell has been the only American who has done bb for BA and that was because he had never done porn before. All the other Americans were experienced in porn and probably escorting and therefore only filmed with condoms. This might sound stupid but i really think this is the reason, the BA models aren’t even allowed to escort.

  9. Hey if Dalton was escorting I stand in line to try him out (with condom)

  10. Thanks a lot for the list above. An important additional comment is that the five americans of 2011 were the 1st ever that actually were hired by BelAmi. Max and Chase were also hired by BA if I understand right. All other americans have been temporary guest models.
    I really hope BelAmi will hire US models (100%) again! Not only as guest models. I liked all five (2011) and Mick was of course fantastic!
    About BB-Among the five americans 2011 Austin Merrick was also new to porn as far I know. Lastly-Darius Ferdinand is hungarian.

  11. The Kris Evans scene was shelved because they decided they wanten a different scene. It will be released at a later date completely re-edited so that all references to SITV2 are erased.

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