Will you donate? Lasik treatment for Seth Santoro in time for school

Seth Santoro is the latest porn star asking for your donation. It's for his eyes "I used to wish that I could have cool glasses when I was younger. And thanks to all the facials where a stray spurt of cum has landed in my eye, I've finally gotten my wish! Now my eyesight is terrible!"


He wants good vision when he returns to school this coming school year "I'm returning to University this fall term, and I think it would help me immensely if I had a fresh set of eyes so that I can see the board! It's not that I don't love how I look in my glasses or contact lenses, it's just inconvenient to have them. I think my professor would want to stare directly into my beautiful hazel eyes as we negotiate my grades…as I am laying on his desk with my legs in the air. I can't have my glasses falling off my face, and making squinty eyes as I struggle to unzip his pants. That's just silly."


The cost per eye is $2149 times 2 is $4,298. Seth is asking for $4,762 "The rest of the cost goes to pre and post op eye care in the form of eye drops, gels, and contact bandages. They're listed on the prescription as Gatifloxacin Ophthalmic Solution, PRED FORTE 1% Opthalmic Suspension, etc. Procedure, Prescriptions, Facility/Technician Fees, altogether make for a costly fix."

Please be careful with your comments to Seth Santoro 🙂


46 thoughts on “Will you donate? Lasik treatment for Seth Santoro in time for school

  1. just get a part time job for a year. thats what i did to pay for it. best of luck and am glad its fixable.

  2. just wear contacts. He claims he cannot because they make him look funny like glasses. How do you “look” with them, if they are on your eyeballs?
    Sheer laziness it seems on part of this person.

  3. I don’t know him well enough to say ‘laziness’, but it definitely seems that as a culture we have become incredibly entitled.
    In the past, if people wanted something (and they weren’t from a wealthy family and were spoiled), they just worked for it. And if they didn’t get enough money for it, they just went without, or found something else.
    Now it’s like “I want this IMMEDIATELY! Get it for me!”
    And sometimes they’re funny, like Seth’s, and sometimes they’re not, but they all have this undercurrent of “I deserve this.”
    Seth does not deserve lasik surgery. He WANTS lasik surgery, sure. But he does not DESERVE it.

  4. You’ve said something far more profound than I think you realize. Thank you. Well said.

  5. Yes, you are basically delineating between needs and wants. He needs glasses or contact lenses but Lasik is merely a luxury.
    While glasses can be cumbersome or impractical at times, contacts are not expensive, especially relative to Lasik!, nor do they irritate one’s eyes.
    Porn guys are just taking advantage of people when they ask for money for wants, not needs.

  6. Ok here is another porn star that thinks just because he is in the porn industry “a porn star” that gives him the right to ask others for money to get something done that he can live without. If his life was in danger without getting this then I can see him asking for money from people. But this is just something he wants to get done to be more convenient to him. The comment that Billy Santoro made is just as pathetic as seth wanting money for this surgery. These porn stars asking for money is lowest they can go because they cant go out and make the money on their own by having a job. They make enough money doing what they do and they should learn to save it instead of going to this place and that place and showing off to people that they are a porn star. Many people out there need lasik surgery and they get it by saving their money and getting the surgery they don’t go online and ask complete strangers for money. GET A JOB and show everyone that you are a real man and can do it yourself. Its really not that hard to save money. Personalized pics and vids are not worth spending money for this surgery not even in the slightest.

  7. If Billy Santoro is so worried about protecting him then he should fork out the money and pay for it himself, threatening people like he did is not the way to go. A relationship is an understanding that one partner will be there for the other one. Not telling them go online complete strangers will pay for it or give you money to complete it. If you are going to be in a relationship stand by your man and support his wants and needs don’t expect others to support his wants or needs.

  8. Well not wanting to sound too harsh cause he is quite cute but, doesn’t he have or hasn’t he heard of health insurance? Plus, double income, single living expenses, doesn’t that put them in the “most disposal income bracket” category? I rather give funds to those who truly deserve financial assistance for something that is truly worthwhile and not vanity inspired.

  9. Dude charges $500 per hour for his “services” as does Billy…Maybe if they didn’t spend all their money on steroids they wouldn’t have to beg for it.
    He doesn’t need a part time, he needs an accountant.
    *Not a rumor- Billy Santoro goes on chaturbate every couple of weeks. he’s showed the viewers the steroid containers.

  10. I think they do…Billy once said that his insurance company covers “Truvada” so I can only assume Seth does too.

  11. Glasses are inconvenient? You take them off and put them back on, that’s it. Glasses are also cheap. Warby Parker, Zenni Optical and Coastal all have nice, inexpensive glasses, as does Costco, BJ’s, Target etc….

  12. [Unable to edit the above…]
    FWIW, the only people who will donate will be people who will get some pleasure out of doing so.
    I don’t see that anyone is being taken advantage of.
    (And no, I won’t be donating)

  13. Porn stars make plenty amount of money with porn shoot and escorting. I really don’t understand why they would ask for the money.. when I’m having a hard time subscribing for a porn studio..

  14. Forget the Lasik. Seth needs to reel in money to get Billy sent off for anger management. Seriously, why is he getting so mad? Surely, both he and Seth knew the heat that would come from Seth asking for money for Lasik before he goes back to school. GoFundMe is bar-none one of the worst things to happen to the Internet. And, again, Billy needs anger management. Now he’s making me think that he probably would hit Seth if he got mad enough.

  15. Not to mention that I know some people that had Lasik and they informed me that it can wear off. Never knew this.

  16. Seth’s comment comes off as more egotistical than anything, especially the wanting of his professor to gaze into his hazel eyes. I can honestly say from experience that unless a professor is sexually attracted to you or at least cares about you, you are a non-motherfucking factor. Plain and simple. To the professor, Seth is probably another random face that he will see come and go and is a dime-a-dozen. You’re also right that if Billy truly loves his husband that he’ll save up some money too. School will come in three months. Seth will live if he still wears glasses. I wear them and I want Lasik but I won’t die if I don’t get it. Besides, we can clearly see his hazel eyes through his glasses and glasses on the right dude can be sexy as fuck.

  17. Lord, I just saw the status and read the fans responses. A couple are a trip.

  18. 🙂
    By the way, there’s this Rolex I’ve had my eye on for awhile…………

  19. “glasses on the right dude can be sexy as fuck.”
    When I see Markie More naked, I get really turned on. When he’s wearing glasses, it’s instant wood.

  20. All the “stray spurts of cum” in the eyes caused his vision problems. I call B.S on that.

  21. Nope this is still considered a cosmetic procedure by most insurance companies so I can’t get it done using my vision coverage but I am not begging for the funds online. I wear my glasses when I need them, he can do that as well. Or get some contacts they are not that expensive.

  22. It’s usually not covered by insurance as it is considered a cosmetic procedure they will cover contacts and glasses however.

  23. Yeah anger management would do to help this troubled soul He reminds me of the muscle guy in Grown Ups at the water park. Nothing but steroids for the body and did nothing for that voice that comes out of the mouth. Yeah the steroids may have gotten him a bigger body but the dick is way too small poor Billy, yeah right NOT I could give a fuck about Billy Santoro he is really a big Douche. He needs to lay off the steroids and go take some manners classes. Or just get out of Porn all together.

  24. “If you insult my husband…”
    What a tosser. If you’re that bothered, stay the hell off social media, because you’re guaranteed to be trolled!

  25. Another digital panhandler. It is too easy to panhandle digitally: you don’t have to look a person in the eye and ask for money; you just put up a web-page bleat.
    I worked my first job to buy contact lenses and a 10-speed bike. I also saved a bunch of money and learned how to invest. How times have changed! You no longer need to learn how to work to look after your needs; just digitally panhandle.
    I now have health insurance which pays $200 of the $400 I need each year to buy a new supply of contact lenses. There are many types of contact lenses. One type should be suitable for this guy and he could save 90% of the cost of the surgery. But he won’t because he can digitally panhandle.
    As I do with all these threads, I will be giving $300 to one of my favourite charities, where I know the money is genuinely needed and a service will be provided to the community. This time, I will donate to the Guide Dogs, which coincidentally, might be needed by this guy if his Lasik surgery is not successful.

  26. I’ve read articles where qualified psychologists have described the current attitude of younger GenYs and Millennials as having a “heightened sense of entitlement”. I think it is a good term and encapsulates your comments.

  27. Save money. Stop screwing people. Stop doing drugs. Get a real fucking job. THAT simple.
    Billy? Come get me, bitch.

  28. Entitled, pathetic, and antisocial. Your husband is a lazy loser, Billy.
    If you don’t like that, tough sh*t. Truth hurts so go take your sibilant S and hunt down anyone you can find that insults your lazy husband. Agree with earlier comment that your husband can get a job to pay for his Lasik. Just like I had to do because I wasn’t entitled enough to think that everyone else should pay for my elective surgery.
    Sheesh. What a pair of entitled losers.

  29. “you are a non-motherfucking factor.”
    I love you, Terry, not only for your entire comment, but for that brilliant homage to Basketball Wives!

  30. Whatever happened to paying your own way in this world?! Useless piece of $hit.

  31. Ooh, please…someone let Billy know about these comments about his precious husband 😉

  32. Yep, I had a blond moment until I read it again. And, Anton, I love you too. Miss that show. Too bad some of the cast members got a little to hands-on and caused the mayhem to be watered-down although that whole Tami-Kesha situation was just uncomfortable to watch but Suzie getting her face scratched up on that last season made up for it.
    Agreed! LOL

  33. I used to think Billy was like Andrew Stark and just had a dry sense of humor but he’s coming of as angry-along-the-lines-of-volatile. Eventually he’s probably going to “address” me on this blog.

  34. “Billy? Come get me, bitch.”
    And to show my maturity, I totally read that in “Family Guy” Consuela’s voice.

  35. It’s even worse when you consider the fact that Billy is almost 40 years old.

  36. Indeed. They are doing well out of me, thanks to this group of digital panhandlers.

  37. this is what happens when folks put porn actors on pedestals. the gay male community in general seems too fond of doing that. they give these porn actors WAY too much credit than they deserve. it’s gotten to the point where some of them are really trying to go beyond their jobs and try to take advantage of their 15 minutes.
    this wouldn’t happen if folks simply reminded these folks who they are and who they’re not. these folks obviously don’t respect the people that allow them to keep a damn job where they’re acting like they owe them something. tell these fuckboys that nobody owes them anything. they’re working, they’re getting paid. tell them fuckers to save up their checks and do it themselves. if i was their boss, i would fire them off the strength that they’re bad for business.

  38. dude is also kidding himself if he thinks folks are fistfighting in these streets. he better get himself a gun or a knife or something. it’s funny seeing how these guys all try to act tough on their gay peers underestimating folks. not all of us gay folks are weak or gonna shoot the fair one.

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