Zane Penn to work for Cocky Boys

Zane Penn's (aka Dolph & Liam) gay porn career began to change direction again when he decided to film for Maverick Men, without Gay Hoopla's knowledge.


He apologized. He didn't want to lose Gay Hoopla the way he lost Fratmen.


He must have been forgiven him since he still did live cam shows and his scene with Clay was released today.


But, he is moving on. Two weeks ago, he announced that he was now represented by Ducati Models.


With new representation, he will get to work for Cocky Boys, as an exclusive?


26 thoughts on “Zane Penn to work for Cocky Boys

  1. I’m surprised CB signed him since he’s not a very good performer and he was basically groveling to GH when the MM fiasco happened hoping to stay there. I think he was looking for something better all along and used the bad publicity he got to his advantage.

  2. He’s a hooker too, right? He just seems to get itchy and moves from one site to another. Getting bare-backed by those guys on Maverick Men was just tragic…

  3. “Tragic Indeed”!!…. I had a cardiac-arrest when I saw ZANE PENN @ MaverickMen.
    “Rolling Stone Gathers NO Moss”….so I sincerely hope he signs an exclusive contract with CB.
    Personally,…I feel Zane should have remain with CF as (Liam II). I gather he didn’t want to sleep with Corbin to get his contract extended…. LOL!!!! “Just Kidding”!!!

  4. If dictionary had an illustrated picture for the word Man Whore, it would be Zane picture. 🙂

  5. MM is so sleazy and nasty. I can’t believe so many people like watching that old fart and his accomplice.

  6. His video on MM was awful. He wouldn’t shut up and he performed like a dead fish. He’s hot and all but come on

  7. What’s the big deal about Gay Hoopla? Their bods may be nice, but their sex is forced and boring. Waste my money on GH? Not a chance.

  8. Who cares. The fuck scenes on GayH are weak AF. Dry fucking, tons of edits.
    The only reason MM even got started was because of that Ass on the hairy guy who is dating the old dude…. Now we no longer see that ass anymore so who cares . And they cant fuck eaither. For the bottom guy here to be the best looking model they have ever cast and with their averaged sized dicks I was not impressed. I would have killed that guy if he gave me the opportunity to lay it into him.

  9. i’m still trying to see the difference between Gayhoopla and Fratpad. that being said, I would probably sign up if Fratpad’s Max was on the site.

  10. It is either Zane Penn just love sex or the dude is desperate for money. Possibly both.

  11. The MM scene was the most unarousing thing I have ever seen.Watching this big lunk giggle like a 10 year old girl. Limp dicks all around.Zane,Liam whatever he’s calling himself these days needs some good direction pronto.

  12. Totally agree that MM has gone downhill. Or should I say “over the hill.”

  13. It is only this guy’s body that is attractive. He was not very animated in the CF scene, and from what I saw at GH (short subscription before boredom took over) he was the same there. He does not seem to be using his 15-min of notoriety from the MM episode to his long-term advantage.

  14. Was going to say the same about the poor performances, but maybe this will be a good fit for him to breakdown that wall he seems to have up. He does best as a bottom and thinking of him getting plowed by Colby Keller (once he’s done that cross country thing) or Gabriel Clark is exciting. Plus, CB needs to pull back on the Emo dudes, its too much. I haven’t liked a scene from them in over a month.

  15. Did you watch Derek Jones fuck Sean Costin?
    It was hands down some of the hottest sex I’ve seen in prone all year.

  16. Sean Costin is up for a lot…but they’re pairing him with tragic co-stars, who are unpleasantly uncomfortable being there.

  17. They’ve also done a couple of videos with the guy with the foetal genitals and vestigial tail.

  18. With Maverick Men, the only slightly appealing guy is the dark-haired one. The other guy should stay behind the camera and other guy should be being fucked with mercy by someone actually attractive. They’re a couple I believe, but Jesus…

  19. WOW!! – Jim,…I’m guessing … that Zane P. isn’t on the TOP of your favorite Model list. LOL!!! 🙂 🙂

  20. Dude may be hot to look at (and I love me some scarred up hotties)….but he is a TERRIBLE porn performer.

  21. So you didn’t see the scene with Derek, because Derek was there and pleasantly present.

  22. Overdue: I don’t think this is the 1st time (this year) that GH has lost performers. Philip Anadarko kept filming for CF as Tanner, and Jake Davis kept working for Randyblue. Any more that I missed? And when will Zane Penn film a real sex scene @Cockyboys w/a lot of coaching?

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