16 thoughts on “From BHH to MEN and now Nolan of Corbin Fisher (tips @ Yeremia & Men Sparkle)

  1. He’s hot, love a dude with a long torso, that awful beard/chin strap thing has to go though.

  2. Did “NOLAN” make an error in his GPS Navigation ??? …and mistook Las Vegas for San Diego ??
    I would have expected him appearing at SC, both Studios are under the same Ownership. LOL!!
    Nolan is a nice fine for CF….so lets hope CF puts him to good use.
    Thanks Guys for the TIP and DENZ for posting the info. 🙂 🙂

  3. I remember when he was at BHwH. Everyone was going crazy cuus he was the hottest guy that site ever had. Then we saw the video and it was super tame and boring–esp for that site. He says hes a top here. Maybe he is cus you would have to be a big bottom to go through with what they want at BHwH.
    However, I get the feeling he is yet another g4p who is yet another weak performer. I am just shocked he is a CF. I thought they wanted no porn past.

  4. this guy is hot as hell. those blue eyes, that jawline, those big sexy feet? i’m in love. i hope he stays with cf for a while.

  5. Toby Springs also got his start at BHHH and his one scene is worth all of this guy’s scenes combined. Good to see him at BSB and a couple of other sites.

  6. Seancody is very strict about no porn background. But CF is kinda loose on this rule. We’ve already seen a few former SC models worked for CF.

  7. Nice blog! Yours is the format I will eventually follow when I try to start my review blog later this year!

  8. Nolan is hot (though his ratty underwear are a major turn off)
    Nolan should bottom already!

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