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Zac DeHaan aka Tomas Farago in action at English Lads

Last September, George Duroy of Belami Online said in a BA Forum that Zac DeHaan was in breach of contractPenalty for this kind of breach of contract is 20 000 euro. So just letting the model go is nice enough. In his case it is not the only breach. I am generally very lenient with models but escorting and shooting elsewhere is usually not tolerated. If it is, company would disintegrate very quickly. GD

According to English Lads, Zac as Tomas Farago, has done a couple of shoots “Tom has done a couple of shoots now, and his large strapping body, easy smile, handsome face, and not to mention rather massive cock, have always gone down well!

The latest video on him is his oral scene with Roland Lantos.