3 questions with Fuller of Sean Cody

Fuller sent me an email a few days ago requesting to remove 2 photos in this post, which I did. I asked him just 3 questions so there was a bigger chance that he might answer them, which he did.

How was it working for Sean Cody?

Sean Cody was a professional company and always treated me good, it was an interesting experience for me.



What have you been doing after Sean Cody?

I’ve been staying busy with a few different businesses I’m involved in but I keep those private because they have nothing to do with modeling or adult work.


If asked, will you work again for Sean Cody?

No, while it was an interesting experience I’ve moved on from the adult film and have no interest in doing actual film again for Sean Cody nor any other companies. I do appreciate all my fans from Sean Cody and Flirt4Free. You may see me from time to time on flirt whenever I have free time and I’m not working but in regards to my adult “career” it’s been done for 6 years and will not be making a return.

*** I did ask for a photo as proof but he declined because he was trying to get away from adult life ***