Cliff Jensen, 5th year anniversary & a new exclusive

Two weeks ago, I made a post on Cliff Jensen that he was to be released from prison today. Hours ago, he tweeted that he was free at last.

Men is celebrating their 5th year anniversary. USA was represented by Johnny Rapid while UK was represented by Paddy O’Brian.

*** MEN will release another parody this coming August. This time from the television show called Sense8 “Eight strangers around the globe find themselves connected — first by a violent vision, then by their shared ability to connect with one another’s thoughts and actions, and finally by the urgent need to find out what happened and why“.




Cocky Boys announced today that Tegan Zayne in now their exclusive and released his scene with Boomer Banks.





A comment from Rafael Lords on the post titled “Before Rafael Lords joined gay porn“.

This is Rafael Lords … you guys are so out of context…. Instead of writinf lies and very offensive comments maybe you should research or ask me questions . For those who support me thank u . I appreciate it !!! Xoxo -Rafael Lords


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