The model in Andrew of Sean Cody

Andrew only had a solo released in 2011 by Sean Cody.



Andrew did have photos as model before he joined Sean Cody. They were posted today by Brent Everett on his blog.


He also had a 2014 mugshot (shared to me by a reader of this blog, Mattia). I did not make a post about it since it was not a major crime – DUI with assault on the arresting officer.

6 thoughts on “The model in Andrew of Sean Cody

  1. IMPO,….SC-ANDREW is a “Heart Throbbing – CUTIE PIE”…AND too bad he only did a solo jerking scene and NEVER returned. 🙁 🙁 🙁

  2. Oh, Andrew, you are one of the last SC boys I would have expected to have a mugshot even if it’s not a serious crime.

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