Levi of Corbin Fisher as Jonathan & as a model (tips @ John & Matt)

Levi was introduced last month by Corbin Fisher and his str8 scene was released two weeks ago.



He is the current update, under the category Feet, from a fetish site called Film 911.



Levi aka Jonathan is an aspiring model.


photo via Model Mayhem

Speaking of Corbin Fisher, they sent out an email regarding their release schedule.

 As many of you have likely noticed, we're mixing things up a bit with the episode release schedule. Previously, we had fairly set, firm days for release types – a bi update on this day, a guy/guy one on that day, a solo on a set and specific day, etc. 

Going forward, you'll likely see some more variation here. A hardcore, guy/guy action update may go online on a day a solo otherwise used to; a new model solo may appear on a day bi updates used to appear; a bi update might pop up on a different day of the week than you're used to; and so on. We're doing this as part of a complete overhaul of how our episodes are shot and models are paired up. The old system of set days with set release types often led to throwing a couple of guys together (regardless of chemistry, what the models had done before, and what they excelled at and looked great doing) just to get a specific episode type because that's what the schedule called for. This new, more flexible schedule lets us really take our time with pairings, make sure there's some real energy and chemistry between the guys, and be a bit more spontaneous when it comes to what happens in the action. As part of this, we're also filming scenes well ahead of releasing them – an episode that goes online today might have been shot 2 months ago (whereas, in the past, we'd released episodes not long after it had been filmed). Shooting much further ahead offers up countless advantages – if a pairing just isn't working, we can give up on it and try again later; if we discover a model is a natural-born, super stud top (or the model discovers he's a natural-born, insatiable bottom!) we can be sure to focus on filming them in the best action possible, rather than simply what a firm and predetermined release schedule might call for.

Our aim is so still load you up with tons and tons of hardcore action, still bring fresh and new faces in as often as before, and ensure you never run out of hot young guys doing even hotter things. It's just that you might now get a particular type of episode on a Monday rather than a Thursday. 

32 thoughts on “Levi of Corbin Fisher as Jonathan & as a model (tips @ John & Matt)

  1. My prediction- Ultimately this will be an excuse to post a lot less content, and a lot less gay content. They already completely skipped any update this Tuesday. I’ll be very surprised if they make that up by posting updates over the weekend.

  2. So they’re prepared to say bi for men and women, but not prepared to say gay for men and men?

  3. Funny how they can produce str8 content with new models and overused jamie ASAP but the GAY(a word they refuse to use)content takes months!? Fuck this studio.

  4. Great ANALOGY,…and took the words right out of my mouth.
    The word ‘ EXCUSE ‘ is most appropriate and definitely applies to anything coming from CF.
    I am indeed EXPECTING >> MORE – “NO-UPDATE-DAYS” << then in the PAST. 🙁 🙁 🙁 Corbin Fisher truly epitomizes the phrase “DECEPTIVE ADVERTISING”. LOL!!!

  5. I emailed CF asking where Tuesday’s legacy (read: old CF Select re-post) scene was, and this is the reply I got:
    “We will be going to a Monday (solo), Wednesday (coed), Thursday (guy/guy) and Saturday (guy/guy) core schedule. We may still from time to time add updates on Tuesday, Friday or Sunday, but these will be considered bonuses going forward.”
    That’s a bit different from the email they sent bloggers.

  6. Yet. Another. “Model”?
    If you’re going to be a legitimate model, but have tattoos…you need better ones than those.
    That can’t possibly be a serious attempt and I predict he’ll turn back up in porn, but most likely on a lower grade website.

  7. I actually prefer (admittedly overused) Jamie because I know what I’m getting and she’s easy on the eyes. At least that way, I can focus on the guy and not worry that some new woman will distract me from him.

  8. Just because your friend has a camera and uses it to photograph you to put on their Instagram feed, does not make one a model. Ugh, as a former model I always find that annoying–we don’t have much in such an awful industry, give us the one thing we do have. It really is annoying. I don’t go around calling people mechanics who know how to put air in their tires.
    *BTW, not an attack on you Denz, just the IG Model craze.

  9. Not much of a toe sucking kinda guy, but clicked through and his nipple video looks suer hot!

  10. I agree that this likely means fewer updates but I don’t see how you can accuse them of deceptive advertising when their advertising makes no claims or mention of how frequently new updates are added.
    Over the last few years, it seems to me that fewer & fewer sites actually make a public commitment to a specific update schedule or frequency.

  11. Not an explanation, an excuse. Subscribers should know how many updates there will be per week, Period. Otherwisee, there will be many FORMER subscribers. Re the type of update, we should also know how many of each type per week, or if they want to have more flexibility at least per month. Just a couple of months ahead in shooting woild allow them to easily meet that. Funny that smaller less popular sites have no problem sticking to a schedule, but CF can’t. This expalantion is trying to justify less content. CF is not doing us a favor, subscribers are PAYING for content.

  12. They keep screwing with the schedule, but never seem to skip Jamie! I think the last update called her a “petite coed” ???

  13. To this day I still don’t understand CF’s model of business. Who do they sell straight content to? Definitely not str8 men, so str8 women? But the majority of str8 women don’t subscribe to see gay content.
    And if their target is gay men, then it’s even way stranger. I know most of their models are str8 but in porn, ppl want to enjoy the fantasy but it’s difficult to ignore their heterosexuality with so many str8 scenes. It ruins it completely, it’s like rubbing it in our (gay) faces.
    Not only that, they actually made a gay guy (Zane/ Ace Stone) claimed he was bi and fucked a woman. Just wtf? Are there that many gays who actually worship the idea of straight men? CF is like the epitome of gay self-loathing tbh. Disgusting.

  14. Unless CF undergoes another period of renaissance (2008-2014 was their “golden age”) then I see it going down the same path as Randy Blue.
    Since 2015 it’s scheduled updates have not been consistent to the point where they now include old scenes and the quality of performers has been of a variable standard to say the least.
    There have been a number of models who have appeared on the site over the last two years that wouldn’t have made the grade in the past.
    Right now CF seem scattered and unfocused. They need to regroup and get their act together.
    They haven’t hit the iceberg yet but they’re cutting it close

  15. Until just a week ago the sign-up page stated “daily updates” they just made the change to remove that fasle statement. Subscribers wouldn’t normally go to that page but new people looking to subscribe would see that just above the pricing. Absolutely misleading and a lie.

  16. This guy has been photographed by J Lally, who I think is a reputable photographer. Many of the pics are online.

  17. Their schedule has been consistent,though for short periods of time, but it has changed without notice. It went from 1 solo 2 m/m with a seperate subscription for straight and bi scenes to 7 scenes a week for a short period of time. That was if you subscribed to ACM and ACS. The old scenes were really just CFS scenes that were offered previously as a seperate payment option- you bought each scene individually. They weren’t just reposted old scenes.
    Then they cut that back, brought it to 6 scenes per week, then made the bi scene only every other week, then eliminated it. (But then there was a bi scene there was another scene posted a week or two ago)
    So we were down to 1 solo, 2 m/m, 1 straight, 1 old CFS. Then there was no CFS scene this week (are they out of old scenes?).
    Constant change without notification!
    Absolutely not fair to current or prospective subscribers.
    Their current explanation only maked things worse. they need to offer paying customers a set schedule and stick to it. How can they offer 6 or 12 months subscriptions if subscribers don’t know what they’ll get.
    Terrible move by CF

  18. I wonder how long until the Corbin Fisher walks away like the Sean Cody did. Sell the damned thing to MindGeek and be done with it.

  19. I’m going to interpret CF’s comments as a sign that the economy and job picture are really improving–that they can’t get as many models because fewer guys are desperate enough for money to do gay porn. Having never been foolish (or wealthy) enough to subscribe to any site, I really don’t care what anyone’s schedule is, I just wish they were more honest about not being able to get enough guys. Maybe they should consider moving to a larger city like Los Angeles even though the tax rates are higher. Since the whole mandatory condom use thing has fizzled in California, they might get a larger model supply there.

  20. What if I told you that… bisexuals exist?
    Gay here and have little interest in CF. But I think bisex content is also dwindling, so not sure if they’re satisfying that customer base.

  21. Pay a photographer and they’ll shot you. As long as we agree upon a fee I could get J Lally or anyone else to take pictures of my neighbor’s Labrador holding a banana in his mouth.
    There are big photographers, but the widely publicized and exclusive shoots they do for whatever organization/company won’t pay all of their bills.

  22. Back. In. The. Day…
    I think people forget that CF used to be quite different. “Pete” was originally a model, they had a spin-off site with the guys pretending to be dead bodies, lying in morgues (I’m NOT kidding) Dawson was new and the quality of the videos was quite high.
    …then they started with their CF Select videos, which are ancient, but are released as new updates AND there was outrage at the truly puke-tastic straight videos they started putting out, in a DESPERATE attempt to get more business.
    A couple of years ago now, they sacked a lot of the models and replaced them with cheaper and rougher ones; sacked Pete and the entire behind-the-camera crew, so the quality went down and I dread to think what’s really going on.
    Basically…CF is long dead and they’re just flogging a dead horse, with shitty content.

  23. The straight videos are not a desperate attempt to get more business–they are a successful attempt to get more models. The way is works is that they start by enticing the models to do what they’re already doing, first jerking off and then straight sex, except now its for money. Then when the models want more money, they tell them the only way they can get it is by doing gay stuff. Even Sean Cody tried it (twice) and we’ve all seen the Gayhoopla/HotGuysFuck mess. Sometimes it works, most times it doesn’t.

  24. That’s because the large majority of the guys are not gay–they should really label the scenes “two guys just doing it for the money”.

  25. In that case they’d have focused on the women in str8 scenes, not the men, and add a lot more varieties of girls, like I mentioned in the first post. Seriously, spend a few sec to think first.

  26. And they continue to repost recycled content, which they did again today. So as predicted they will actually be posting fewer new gay scenes.

  27. The Guys are Gay. ALL of them. No straight guy experiments with Gay sex in front of a camera for the whole of the world to see. That is weapons grade BS.
    If they are having sex with a Woman – They are just gay guys having sex with a Woman.
    Torrents are your friend. Don’t waste your money on this crappy porn. Skinny gay guys and hard editing is just not good.

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