Levi of Corbin Fisher as Jonathan (tips @ John & Matt)

Levi was introduced last month by Corbin Fisher and his str8 scene was released two weeks ago.



He is the current update from a fetish site called Film911.net.



Levi aka Jonathan is an aspiring model.

[The image was removed.]

Speaking of Corbin Fisher, they sent out an email regarding their release schedule.

As many of you have likely noticed, we’re mixing things up a bit with the episode release schedule. Previously, we had fairly set, firm days for release types – a bi update on this day, a guy/guy one on that day, a solo on a set and specific day, etc.

Going forward, you’ll likely see some more variation here. A hardcore, guy/guy action update may go online on a day a solo otherwise used to; a new model solo may appear on a day bi updates used to appear; a bi update might pop up on a different day of the week than you’re used to; and so on. We’re doing this as part of a complete overhaul of how our episodes are shot and models are paired up. The old system of set days with set release types often led to throwing a couple of guys together (regardless of chemistry, what the models had done before, and what they excelled at and looked great doing) just to get a specific episode type because that’s what the schedule called for. This new, more flexible schedule lets us really take our time with pairings, make sure there’s some real energy and chemistry between the guys, and be a bit more spontaneous when it comes to what happens in the action. As part of this, we’re also filming scenes well ahead of releasing them – an episode that goes online today might have been shot 2 months ago (whereas, in the past, we’d released episodes not long after it had been filmed). Shooting much further ahead offers up countless advantages – if a pairing just isn’t working, we can give up on it and try again later; if we discover a model is a natural-born, super stud top (or the model discovers he’s a natural-born, insatiable bottom!) we can be sure to focus on filming them in the best action possible, rather than simply what a firm and predetermined release schedule might call for.

Our aim is so still load you up with tons and tons of hardcore action, still bring fresh and new faces in as often as before, and ensure you never run out of hot young guys doing even hotter things. It’s just that you might now get a particular type of episode on a Monday rather than a Thursday.


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