Wes Latham of Belami Online is Filo Bruska of William Higgins

One of the updates this week at Belami Online is the scene of Wes Latham with Andrei Karenin “Wes Latham is what we would call one of our ‘Guest Stars’. He was brought to us by Andrei as they were friends from outside of BelAmi. We know that you won’t like the tattoo, but we thought we would give him a shot anyhow and see how things turn out. As it happens we shot just 2 scenes with him, and since he was Andrei’s buddy anyhow, the first of these is with him.





This scene was part of the movie, By Invitation Only, released on DVD by Belami Online last year.

Wes was introduced by William Higgins in 2014 as Filo Bruska, who had a massage (2014) and a wrestling scene in 2015. He returned to William Higgins with a new tattoo on his chest and his hardcore scenes were released this 2017.




Up next for Filo at William Higgins is his scene with Peter Lipnik, to be released this coming Saturday.


UPDATE (March 11, 2017) He is also known as Tommy Morava at Jake Cruise where his solo was released 2 weeks ago.



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