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Corbin Fisher’s “Beau fucks Dave” by Alias74

Corbin Fisher: Beau fucks Dave (May 13, 2017 / 22:02 minutes)


Bottom Line: All hail the newest Corbin Fisher legend in the making – DAVE! This dude’s baby boy looks and blue eyes, his tight, lean, virtually hairless pale body, and thick club of a cock were a complete draw in his previous solo, straight clip, and topping of Quinn. So given all his hetero bluster in his solo (really? Discussing favorite positions to bang chicks?) imagine my surprise when a) his bottoming clip came up so quickly and b) HOT DAMN Dave can take dick! No pretension, no artifice, no hesitation, and barely a wide-eyed look of terror that glances across even the best Corbies in their first bottoming scenes. Beau makes a formidable top and slams the shit out of Dave’s bubble-muscle caboose, and while the clip (as short as it is) eventually runs a bit out of steam, it’s a bottoming debut that is purely…


I am absolutely smitten with Dave – It’s as if Corbin Fisher‘s own Dawson and actor Jai Courtney had a baby. But more to the point, there is something “blue collar” / “country boy charm” hot about Dave (I guess the whole desert dirt bike riding thing gave it away). Denz has posted articles about “Dave” on other sites, but he looks like a million bucks here. And did I mention his pale, hairless skin, lean carved physique, and a thick meaty girthy pink cock? Sure, at times he looks almost anime-like, but man, this kid exudes sex. Love me some versatile blonde jock cock! Hope to see more sloppy bottoming in the future! Scene MVP


Beau’s looks are bizarrely incongruous: the killer cheekbones and sculpted facial features are at odds with his boyish looks, moppy hairstyle, and bushy school kid eyebrows. His college boy body is beefy daddy hairy. Even if “some of these things are not like the other”, Beau is all jock aggression in this scene – forcing Dave’s mouth down on his cock and later facefucking him into a drooly mess. It gets even better when he lays into Dave with a massive power fuck that splits Dave’s hot butt open. Regardless of position, Beau brings the power(fuck) and his breathless expressions as Dave’s butt and entire body seems to buck and jiggle from the thrusts tells us he clearly loves to bang.


What Worked:

  • Dave’s giddy charm and attitude is just as effluent as his insatiable (and obvious) skill at bottoming.
  • Beau brings Big Balled Boss Boning! (say that five times fast!) And lots of skin slappy noises!
  • Staged or not, all the kissing and eye contact feels authentic and DAMN HOT!


  • Love all the shots of Beau’s hairy PHAT butt!
  • Dat. Slobbery. Blowjob / Facefuck!
  • Major Boner Metronome action as Dave rides cock and gets pounded all the while staying rock hard. Bonus points for having his boner slap loudly against his torso as he bounces.
  • Great photography! My two favorite shots are at minutes 12:24 (love that angle) and minute 17:18 (Dave looks so bangable!)



What Didn’t Work:

  • Atrocious opening baseball shenanigans (Dave…if only your throwing and batting skills were as good as your piano playing).
  • Everyone is tan in Vegas except……Dave and his vampire white skin. (Actually I’m not really complaining about that).
  • Beau’s limp cock in the early goings on.


  • At some point, the sex starts to feel a little robotic (odd considering it’s not a long scene).
  • HD is not kind – Weird red circular irritations on Beau’s left upper arm; Dave’s butt cheeks have an odd discoloration around the crack; Beau’s makeup is painfully obvious in some shots; odd tats on the boys – Beau has some sort of sparkly treble clef, and Dave appears to have deep sea depth charges on his forearm.


Hottest Moments:

  • Sloppy, slobbery BJ (6:56 – 8:13) – over a series of edits Beau abuses Dave’s mouth in a hot BJ section. Thrill to Dave’s oral teasing (he has a tongue piercing!), Beau’s numerous facefucks wherein Dave gags hard, and all that spit everywhere, dripping off Beau’s cock and balls!


  • Helicopters and Sledgehammers (9:42 – 11:16) – In quite possibly the hottest segment, Dave reverse cowboys Beau’s cock. Eventually he stops stroking himself at minute 9:56, and Dave’s hard cock just waves back and forth as Beau pounds him. As if that wasn’t heaven, at minute 10:25, Dave bounces up and down some more as his cock swirls, twirls, and even slaps loudly against his torso as rides balls deep on Beau. At 11:05, Beau fucks up into Dave and slams him repeatedly.


  • Pardon my Drip – Starting at 11:24, Beau is steady fucking Dave while he strokes his club cock. At minute 11:35, Dave peels off Beau’s cock and you can see lube dripping out of his ass as they reposition for Beau to roll Dave up and fuck him.
  • Missionary Bang (12:25 – 13:28) – Beau has Dave rolled up fucking him missionary. Over the course of edits, we get hot side views of the action (Dave watching his hole getting split open and even at 12:56 bangs his hard cock against Beau’s torso) and even hotter reverse shots of Beau’s hot butt flexing as his cock tears into Dave’s muscle butt.


  • Missionary Bang Part 2 – Starting at minute 15:53, the shot starts in close on the missionary fuck but pans back and opens up as Dave gets powerfucked missionary. Good eye contact but more importantly, Dave just looks fucking amazing rolled up and pounded, especially with the full length fucking starting at 17:02.


  • CUM SPLATTER – Dave’s blows all over this chest and stomach getting fucked and then Beau empties thick ropes all over Dave’s cock.



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