REVIEW on Corbin Fisher’s “Rocky Gets Fucked” by Alias74


Bottom Line: Between Rocky (tall, goofy looking, pale…in San Diego, no less) and Evan (floppy hair reminiscent of Lucas and Elijah, alt-guy vibe), it's hard to say who has the more formidable / artful uncut behemoth of a dick. What should have been a clash of the intact titans becomes an awkward cherry pop vid for Rocky. Can't tell from his early expressions if he's into it or just "deer in the headlights – where's my paycheck". But stick around: Evan proves to be quite the power-fucker, and judging from Rocky's watery, liquidy cumshot (YUM!), that thick endowment obliterated his prostate. Sadly, though it's lacking in spark and chemistry. But what else keeps this from being more yeh than meh? Groovy tongue kissing action from the boys, expert cinematography (love those two-hole underneath fucking shots), and excellent editing that flows (despite some choppiness toward the end).

(Marginally) WANK WORTHY 

At first Evan didn't seem like a true Corbin Fisher fit. Sure, he has the long floppy hair, the "to die for" uncut, hugely thick, deliciously veiny cock. But judging from the difference between his straight clip and his bi clip (where he and Thomas double fucked a coed, then Evan fucked Thomas), he seemed more Kurt Lockwood than Corbin Fisher. But there is something sexy about his alt-vibe and his intense grey eyes. And here, he doesn’t hold back on the power fucking. This kid KNOWS how to use his hips. I see lots of promise in this dude! AND KEEP THE SPACERS OUT OF YOUR EARS!

Scene MVP


Is it mean to say Rocky has a sexy-goofy look about him? Not really geek chic, but not supermodel material…and yet there is something intangibly alluring about his overall look. To say nothing of his tall lean bod and freckles. GOD, THE FRECKLES on his chest and shoulders. But I think the real showcase is his amazing power johnson – lengthy, girthy, foreskin for days. In his previous clip the kid clearly loves dunking that thing pubes deep in any accepting hole (and few have been able to take it well. See: Thomas). That said, he makes for an awkward bottom. Editing seems to have disguised his somewhat compromised ability to take Evan’s IMHO thicker and fatter and more beautiful uncut wonder. It's all slightly fearful facial expressions, uninvolved sex talk (keeps repeating "It's so big"), and lack of chemistry. Don't quit your day (top) job.


What Worked:

  • Uncut behemoth cocks on both these studs!
  • Evan is all business – uses holes in “born for porn” fashion.
  • Rocky gets slammed (how does it feel on the other side, buddy?)


  • Evan's hot ass is wonderful to watch while he's pumping away.
  • GREAT photography. Love me a sexy two-hole, underneath fucking shot.
  • Good editing


What Didn't Work:

  • TOTAL lack of chemistry, but you can't knock them for trying.
  • Neither plays to the either's strength – they seem to be fighting each other
  • Rocky only sucks the first quarter of Evan's cock and each time Evan tried to facefuck he dodges it somehow.
  • What's up, Evan? No dick sucking or rimming? Must Rocky do ALL the work?


  • Boring, lifeless oral section.
  • HD is not kind: Red bumps (acne?) on the underside of Evan’s hot butt; Rocky got face acne (though well made up) and those freckles are pretty obvious.
  • Editing towards the end gets choppy and undercuts the momentum of Evan's power fucking.
  • WTF? At 12:43, we get a reaction shot of Rocky’s face. It almost seems like he's cumming (you can even see his left hand sorta doing a jerkoff stroke motion). But in the next shot, he’s rolled up and getting fucked.


Hottest Moments:

  • Weird Hanging Ball – Rocky takes a break from spurning Evan’s facefucking advances at minute 3:55 to suck Evan’s balls, leaving them in a super odd configuration.
  • I can haz Face-fuck? – At minute 4:55, Evan tries to slam Rocky’s head and mouth down on his cock but Rocky resists.
  • They do this dance twice and then finally at 5:13 Rocky gets (ever so briefly) throat fucked. 


  • Erotica, anyone? – Check out minutes 5:58 – 6:46 which I found undeniably hot. The two basically sword fight their cocks together while making out and then stroking. Very erotic. Should be more like this.


  • BEST FUCKING! Rocky gets pounded and slammed starting at 10:43 with an ass lips distending in the underneath shot to major, skin-slappy, chest jiggling power fucking to minute 12:43.


  • Dat liquidy prostatic fluid filled cum shot (minute 15:44 and beyond).


Hot or Not?  - At around 7:43 there is a noise that I can't tell if it's a queef or a furniture leg scraping the floor?

Hot or Not Part 2 – Evan’s cumshot is almost ruined by the fact that Rocky has gone COMPLETELY limp in his own hand!


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11 thoughts on “REVIEW on Corbin Fisher’s “Rocky Gets Fucked” by Alias74

  1. It is a scene promoted with sound and fury but in the end signified nothing. Two boring straight boys keeping Corbin happy.

  2. Didn’t do anything for me. Guess I miss the Hugh and Calan scenes cause those boys sure do enjoy flipping and hot damn they’re sweet.

  3. Agreed. Calan is one of their hottest newbies…and he’s bi / into sex with guys for once!
    Calan is tops.
    HEY, CORBIN FISHER….We’d love to interview Calan!!! Contact Denz and set it up!

  4. Wake me when CF finally puts out some raging hardon inducing porn. This ain’t it.

  5. I’m sorry but this was over rated.
    I guess for CF the top was decent. And I only say that because he didn’t baby/clutch fuck the entire time. And the bottom laid their and some what took it. But still I believe the average top outside of porn still fucks better and this is a porn.
    The scene was supported by tons of edits with the models eyes closed or downward looking.
    Their best tops/most intense fucks are on their straight/bi updates. The gay stuff just cost more.

  6. I hear ya. That’s why it was marginally wank worthy. And you hit it on the head….Evan fucked SO MUCH HARDER and better in his straight and bi clips; it was nice to see him apply the same intensity.
    Rocky was disappointing as a bottom. But this scene…compared to some of the recent ones put up by CF actually was better than others (which I suppose only compounds the overall feeling from fans that the site is in a down cycle).
    Hoping to see more Evan in action. I think he can be a good performer if they hone him right. And leave the spacers out of his ears.

  7. Uninteresting or memorable guys…I have no idea which is which and neither do I care. I want a memorable performer in the looks department and especially the performance.
    I remember Aiden for anal orgasms. I remember Dawson for throwing himself into everything. I remember Blond Jeff who looked beautiful on the end of a cock…but when was the last time a Corbin Fisher model stuck in your mind?

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