8 thoughts on “The gay men at English Lads this 2018

  1. Who a model has sex with off camera is of little interest to me. I just want to see good looking muscular guys who give good performances on screen.

  2. The site moves too slow, hardly any real sex scenes. The dildo scenes are bait and switch, they frequently show them using the red or big blue toy, but it’s normally the little purple one. Save ur $

  3. The site does have a glacial pace so it really is advised to join up for a few months every year or two and grab what you want, although the complicated membership rules and exclusions make this much more difficult than it should be.
    To his credit, he, Nick Baker, gets some pretty high quality guys but you probably need to really like solo’s in order to appreciate the goods. Some of the “straight” guys move on to get “manhandled” and then blown and then maybe reciprocate down the road, but it’s hit or miss and, again, you have to be patient.
    Also, they’ve been around for many years and they have some really good videos in the archives!

  4. Great to see some actual gay men in gay porn. I’ve often said I would like just one site that celebrates homosexuality (not heterosexuality, not bisexuality) and uses only gay performers. It’s shocking how homophobic gay porn is and has been from the start.

  5. The best looking guys on that site…straight and they never do anything with another guy. So, they finally give us some gay guys…and two of them are a couple? Rowan isn’t bad, but Josh is a munter! Why can’t we just have a straightforward gay guy, who comes onto the site and fucks? Or, the hot straight guys, who appear on A GAY WEBSITE actually do something more than jerk-off?

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