Upcoming transsexual & bi scenes for Wesley Woods (tip @ str8pornstroker)

The latest on Wesley Woods in gay porn is his bareback with Leon Lewis released yesterday by Men.




He has an upcoming scene at Transsexual this month (Dec. 21).


And, he recently filmed a bisexual scene for an upcoming new site.

UPDATE Tweets from Wesley with regards to his upcoming scenes.

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  1. Actually, a few of those guys you mentioned have admitted to not being 100% homo but are still gay-identifying. Most of these performers are not absolutely 100% homo or hetero. Though most feel gay or straight identities suit them best and they’re comfortable with embracing them. While most of the 100% are at least willing to indulge other types of sexual behaviors. They are sex workers after all.
    I kinda see your point as far as why dudes who rarely cross over from straight porn to non straight porn. Gay porn is a relatively small market compared to straight porn, and it’s hard to get consistent work if you don’t have a six packs and conventional, mainstream good looks. It’s also an industry that because of the hetero-worship and internalized homophobia seems to get over gay identifying performers real quick. However, you can be a more “average” guy and get a decent amount of continuous work in straight porn if you have the right connections.
    But the biggest reason they don’t “cross over” is because of homophobia. While many performers in gay porn are often desperately pleading that they’re not gay, obsessed with showing that they’re not 100% homosexual or obsessed with showing how “open-minded” they are, many of the straight porn performers fear the backlash of doing non conventional straight porn and fear being seen as “gay”. That is despite many of them having sex with whoever off camera and some of them being homosexual/homo-leaning/homo-romantic/gay/in same-sex relationships.
    The only recent crossover has been Bo Sinn. And he wasn’t working for mainstream and popular straight sites. And he has been incredibly problematic since getting into gay porn. His look actually limits him in both straight and gay porn. But he can keep getting work in gay porn because of hetero worship. For the other guys who spend years working in conventional straight porn, gay porn is usually the last step before retirement.

  2. Most the guys I mentioned actually said the word gay even if it was qualified. What I noticed is that the western europeans will do non-gay porn but it does not come off as desperate. Except for Fuckermate. The non-gay scenes don’t always work but they seemed at least be organic see Martin Mazza or Koldo Gorans live sex shows. He didn’t seem to be all that into the woman blowing him but he was turned on by the black dude. Goran describes himself as gay but flexable at least a few years ago. Based on his body of work and public sm it seems to still be true but maybe he updated. I think Mazza is gay but did a few straight scenes for a Spanish outfit. WEHT Sonny Colucci?

  3. It is homophobia that keeps these guys from doing cross over but also HIV panic. Ironically crossover work was more common in the 90s when there was only condons and no PreP let alone undetectable viral loads. Thank you Rod Daily.
    Based on the little info I could get from Tom Moore’s twitter this new bi site seems like it will be a cross between transangels and Devils film bi scenes only better produced than the latter. But it just looks like he is just bringing everyone from transangels over plus Woods and maybe a few new guys. I guess Kai Bailey and Dante Drackis will join most likely Mason Lear and perhaps an Arad Win Win like surprise or 2. I shouldn’t prejudge it it hasn’t even launched but I just a “Wanna Fuck my Wife gotta Fuck me Too ” vibe.

  4. You are totally right. They want to identify gay as crazy people. I hate all this fake gay porn stars

  5. Rip gay porn. Now everybody is pan or bi. I fucking hate all these guys who are helping change gay id

  6. On Twitter, he is joking about being gay. “My father was right when he thought to be gay was just a fase”. It annoys me. Treat us like monsters or sick people.

  7. I don’t recall Wesley ever flat-out saying he was gay. In fact, for the most part he’s referred to himself as “queer” or has avoided identity. So, I don’t get where people are coming from with this “fraud” talk. The dude never even said he was gay. Also, these people are sex workers. Their behaviors in clips and online are primarily driven by money and ego. Stop using these people to validate your identity, sexuality and/or your sense of self. Finally, homosexuals need to understand that for many, many gay-identifying people their gay identity doesn’t mean that they’re entirely homosexual or that they’re scared of sexually engaging with anyone who’s a non cis male. They identify as “gay” because of preference, romantic fulfillment, relationship contentment. The more people try to equate “gay” with “homosexual” and make “gay” all about sex and sexuality the more you destroy and limit the gay identity.

  8. He’s just trolling now. I continue to be amazed at the inability of these guys to understand marketng, advertising and pr. Everyone is a potential subscriber. Sell the scene sell the website. Don’t show contempt and hostility to fans. Don’t get defensive. These guys need to take some business classes. I think they forget porn is a business and they are salesmen. This could lead to a nasty backlash. Tom Moore needs to get in front of this. You don’t want to kill a venture before it’s born.

  9. No you don’t you write long boring essays about sexuality and you try to belittle anyone who doesn’t accept your twisted view about sexuality. You are a bully and an asshole!

  10. Oh please you are a piece of shit you likes hating on people who have a different perspective than you. You see sexuality as black and white. You try to BULLY other people on this board who do not agree with your twisted point of view. FUCK YOU!!!

  11. Dude, the only person here I’ve “bullied” is you. Otherwise, I always have an open ear and am willing to respectfully engage with anyone who is respectful towards me. While you lack the intelligence and tact to engage with anyone.
    The only reason I’m aggressive/dismissive towards you is because you’re a belittling, trans-phobic, effemiphobic size queen dip-shit who’s obsessed with telling people what they are, obsessed with hetero-leaning “bi-guys” and whose entire understanding of people, sociology, orientation and sex is through porn and the porn world. But then you have the nerve to occasionally hop on a soapbox about race. You’re the ultimate phony and hypocrite, the worst type of “queer”.

  12. Once again, Wesley was never gay-identifying. If you have actually paid attention to him throughout the years you’d know he’s completely avoided identity (besides maybe “queer”) and he has never flat-out said he was gay. You’d also know that he’s said many things before that has pointed towards gay shame, self-resentment and hetero worship. And anyone who spends so much time talking about how proud he is to be a slut and seems to validate himself purely off of sex clearly has issues. It’s no one’s fault that you people haven’t been paying attention.
    Furthermore, being gay or even being entirely homosexual doesn’t mean you’re incapable of any sexual interactions beyond the same gender. If that’s the case then about 70% of gay-identifying people are not gay. Also, many people (and that includes many straight people) don’t consider “gay” to be homosexual or even to have all that much to do with attractions or sexual behaviors. It’s more about your substantial, sustained general passions, romantic fulfillment and emotional/relationship interests and contentment. Being so hyper obsessed with sex and sexual behaviors, obsessed with “proving” homosexuality, obsessed with “gay” meaning being a complete homosexual are all partly why there’s been such an anti-gay movement in recent years and why so many are obsessed with showing that they’re not completely homo or at least aren’t closed off to non homo experiences. And yes, fluidity does have some legitimacy. Everybody is just different. And everyone identifies as whatever they identify as for different reasons and date who they date and have sex with whoever they have sex with for different reasons. This is something people need to get over. Look beyond identity politics and just accept people for who they are. Finally, these are sex workers. I don’t understand why you people don’t get that. Stop depending on other people (especially sex workers) to validate your identity and sense of self. That is what’s truly pathetic.
    Has some of the queer/fluid hype infiltrated the psyche and confidence of a lot of homosexual/homo-leaning/homoromantic/gay men? Absolutely. Is gay porn congested with hetero-leaning and non male-leaning performers, hetero worship and gay shame? Yes. But the answer to those issues is not more segregation, resentment and trying to dictate people’s sex lives and what they can identify as.
    The problems I have with Wesley have got nothing to do with him (trying/pretending) to have sex with females on camera.

  13. That’s because as I’ve said many times before, Wesley has always had contempt for gay men. He’s not interested in selling those scenes. He didn’t do those scenes primarily for money purposes. He’s interested in selling that he’s much more open-minded and complex than basic, judgmental homos. He’s not interested in receiving praise from gays. He’s not even interested in having a romantic, sexual, or even friendship connection/relationship with gay men. The dude simply has no love for men who have unabashed same-sex romantic/sexual/relationship preferences. And he may even resent those men. I noticed this years ago.
    This is what happens when you look up to sex workers and and try to dictate the sex lives of prostitutes. And from a big picture standpoint, this type of anti-gay propaganda and trolling is what happens when people are desperate for “gay” to equate to someone who is 100% homosexual and is scared of any sexual contact beyond their gender. If we keep seeing trying to push “gay” as something so one-dimensional, something that’s entirely about sex and sexual behaviors instead of being more about preferences and romantic fulfillment and relationships contentment then we’re going to keep getting this type of anti-gay spiel and this desperation to detach yourself from “gay”.

  14. Gay porn has not always included women and trans…it’s expected to now though and if anyone who tunes in solely for man-on-man action, then they’re branded bi and or transphobic. Gay porn is expected to accept everything, but straight porn is kept “pure”…it’s a foul double-standard.

  15. I’m a gay-pan-sexual. And I talk about all the different degrees of orientation from a sexual, romantic, emotional, gender, relationship stand point. How is that seeing sexuality in black and white? I simply don’t think every masculine and muscular hetero-leaning bi-identifying performer who does gay porn is worthy of praise and worship, and I don’t embrace mediocrity.
    You’re a hetero worshiper. You only give a shit about hetero-leaning “bi guys”. You’re trans-phobic. You’re effemi-phobic. You’re full of self-loathing. Don’t get mad because I (and a few others) keep calling you out on your ignorance and hypocritical bullshit.
    Your arguments make zero sense. You just mad.

  16. I do agree that there’s a double standard. Gay porn performers constantly look for praise and attention for doing non gay scenes and constantly look to tell and “prove” that they’re “open-minded” or entirely homo. While straight porn performers, for the most part, would never be caught doing non straight clips. Gay porn performers also feel internal and external pressures to do non gay scenes because there’s so many hetero-leaning performers in gay porn, so much hetero worship and gay shame shame in gay porn, and there’s only so many gay sites and not everyone has a look that equates to them getting persistent work in gay porn.
    But claiming gay porn performers shouldn’t do non homo scenes is incredibly closed-minded and undermines the fact that this is sex work. And you don’t have to watch non homo scenes. No one forces you to click on them. Only people who care about “porn culture” even pays attention to the different types of porn these people do.

  17. I do think you’re slightly confusing the issues here. Ultimately, people can have sex with whoever they feel and identify as whatever they feel. You can’t control that. And these are sex workers. So, demanding that these guys only have gay sex on camera or demanding that they identify as what you feel they should isn’t gonna fly.
    I do agree that a decent amount of what we see in porn is reflected in the entertainment industry. Hollywood contains a lot of homophobia, gay shame and hetero worship. I’ve read many interviews throughout the years from actors and musicians (some of which I like) that have urged people to not identify as “gay” or have even flat-out said that entertainers should stay closeted. Agents and studios heads still tell folks to stay closeted. They try to get more fem guys to “butch up” and more butch chicks to “fem up”. They still get people to present themselves being in faux hetero relationships. They still urge performers to keep long term same-sex relationships low-key. And just like in porn many of the people who push anti-gay propaganda, support hetero supremacy and push the idea that people can’t have happy and healthy long term same-sex relationships are homosexual/homo-leaning/homo-romantic/gay people and hetero-leaning “queers”.

  18. Tim Kruger said that he realized he preferred sex and relationships with guys not that he’s homosexual. I believe Cory Kane said he wasn’t entirely homo either. And as problematic as “fluidity” is it does have some legitimacy. I know this from first-hand experience. People can gain or lose some arousals, attractions, sexual enjoyment, passions, romantic feelings, relationship desires, relationship comfort, etc. towards certain types of people. And there are plenty of guys who say they were once bi and then became “fully gay”. People simply aren’t as basic as you want them to be. And folks need to understand and get okay with the reality that many, many gay-identifying people are not completely homosexual and don’t base their gay identities entirely on sexual attractions and/or sexual behaviors.
    Yes, that Fuckermate live stage show stuff is extremely lame. Even the gay sex during their live shows is corny. Koldo’s brief interactions with females have been awkward and goofy. And I do believe he fully embraces a gay identity. When Viktor Rom first got into the industry he hyped his bi identity, said he loved sex with women, said he couldn’t wait to do straight/bi scenes and talked about how he’s willing to have a relationship with anyone. Yet, all he’s done with women on camera is awkwardly kiss them on stage. He’s done a couple of threesome clips with trans women. Though in both those clips he didn’t interact sexually with the trans chick at all, didn’t even touch her and barely even looked at her. Sergio Moreno did a live sex show where he briefly penetrated a female with a limp dick and it was fairly awkward, passion-less and as I said brief. And he is gay-identifying. It’s much more difficult to fake that stuff during a live show.
    Ultimately, porn is all smoke and mirrors in a multitude of different ways.

  19. Straights can’t leave any gay thing alone. There is no sacred pure gay market. Straights have to exploit every fun thing we do.
    To me this is about gay pride, and gay love and celebrating a sexuality we fought long and hard for and it is cheapened when we regress.
    I don’t like gay4pay or straight4pay. Bisexuals I support you but don’t want to know about the straight stuff.
    I’m looking for porn that is passionate and authentic not fake, ot “acting”.

  20. At this point he’s trolling because of the social media backlash. But Wesley Woods has always seemed bitter towards being homosexual or at least mostly homo. He constantly talks about how much he loves sex with guys. But as far as I know he’s never had more than a small-amount-of-months long relationship with a guy, has never talked about loving men or loving a man, truly wanting to be with a guy, wanting to give affections and receive affections from a guy, having romantic passions and relationship contentment towards a guy, wanting to build a life with a dude. And he’s never shown any romantic or sexual interests towards guys who have unabashed same-sex preferences and who make it clear that they want to be with a guy. That kind of stuff is what “gay” is. Wesley is merely a homosexual/very homo-leaning guy. There are men who are “gay” but are not really homosexual. There are men who are homosexual but are not really “gay”. The latter group tends to be more problematic than the former and tends to contend with internalized homophobia and hetero worship for an extremely long time. Wesley likely fits into the latter category.
    When you make orientation, identity and “gay” all about or mostly about sexual attractions, arousals and sexual behaviors you continue to have problematic, bitter people like Wesley Woods.

  21. I know some people here are starting to get pissy with me. But I’m just telling folks the reality of things. You can’t tell these people who to have sex with. Their jobs is to have sex on camera for money. That’s all. They have no obligations towards anything else. And thinking that they do honestly makes you guys come off loopy, insecure and naive. While “acting” has always been a part of sex work and the porn world. You think every homosexual/homo-leaning/homo-romantic/gay dude enjoys sex with all his male partners on screen? Most of these scenes in every type of porn involves “acting”. Hardly any of it is “authentic”.
    This idea of being able to separate complete and utter homosexuality, homo-romanticism and homo lifestyles from everything else cannot become reality. You can do in your small circle of friends. But it doesn’t work on a broader scale mainly because it doesn’t sell. And it also completely excludes everyone who isn’t entirely homosexual, entirely homo-romantic and who have lived entirely homosexual lifestyles for all of their lives. That leaves a very, very small percentage of people. Hell, I’d wager that almost 50% of people in same-sex marriages or in long-term same-sex relationships are not completely, utterly homosexual from a sexual, romantic and relationship standpoint. This idea of making sure “gay” is something that is “pure” and something definitive and decisive and limited, something that means you have zero attractions, feelings towards anyone but your cis gender, that you’re completely unwilling to indulge anything beyond your cis gender and can’t get any type of sexual enjoyment beyond your cis gender- it just leads to everyone being more bitter, leads to more homophobia and internalized homophobia, and it helps lead to “gay” being seen as something too exclusive and angry. This is partly why even some people who are entirely homosexual from a romantic, sexual and relationship standpoint are starting to reject “gay” or see it as problematic.
    You can call the porn industry and these performers out for being homophobic, for persistently indulging hetero worship and hetero supremacy, for selling gay shame, for being manipulative, for lying, for trolling, for the double standards, etc. And Wesley Woods is a shitty person for some of these reasons, but not because he dares to sexually engage with someone other than a cis male on camera. Trying to control the sex lives and identities of sex workers makes no sense. You don’t pay their bills. Nor are you dating these people. And almost none of them present their “authentic” selves through porn, social media and interviews.
    Gay porn is not a celebration of homosexuality. And it’s not a celebration of gay love, gay relationships and commitment or even a celebration of same-sex passions. It just sells sex, often times very poor sex at that. While there’s enough amateur/homemade porn out there if you’re looking for something good.

  22. This thread has been active for a week concerning an actor who is a known troll in a bisexual scene for a bisexual website that has not even launched yet. If this how they are going to drum up support for it good luck. More needs ask Chi Chi Larue what can happen when a venture like this gets off on the wrong foot. Remember “Transmission” Larue’s bisexual epic of yesteryear and the disaster that was. It smacked of cynicism and even “conversion therapy” you don’t want gay actors coming out of it saying they are straight and want to sleep with women. That’s the last thing gay people want to hear. It virtually ended Blake Riley’s career. My sense is Woods is pretty much done as well and unless he is retiring or cutting back it’s pretty much the the trans/bi circuit for him with an occasional mainstream gay release. He’s being used just like Arad Win Win. They’ll move on to someone else pretty soon.

  23. That’s what a lot of these dummies don’t get. They are getting used for their popularity and name and because people see them as “gay”. The controversy is used to launch these new sites and to try to spur attention. These performers are surrounded by hetero worship and surrounded by straight/heterosexual/hetero-leaning/trans-leaning performers. They are constantly told sex with anyone is no big deal (and it’s really not). And that it’s all about the money. And yes, doing these scenes might get them the attention they crave, might get them some money and may get them from being seen as basic or closed-minded homos. But when the backlash comes they don’t know how to deal with it and end up exposing themselves as being homophobic, as only truly caring about straight/heterosexual/hetero-leaning/trans-leaning dudes or as being liars.
    I at least appreciate Arad for not indulging gay shame, for truly maintaining that he’s “gay” and proud (or at least that he has same-sex romantic, sexual, relationship preferences), and for not trying to push politics. Like I said many times, I have no issue with anyone having sex with whoever on camera. That would be pretty hypocritical for someone who considers himself a “gay-pansexual”. But Wesley completely went about it the wrong way and now is clearly bitter and angry. I don’t feel Arad deserved all that shit. But Wesley deserves his. He’s always been a hetero-worshiper, has always dated guys who try super hard to hold on to a sense of hetero-normalcy or who exude gay shame, has always resented the word “gay”, and has never shown any real compassion or support towards the “gay cause”, the gay community, or same-sex love and relationships beyond constantly saying that he loves sex with dudes.

  24. Arad got it bad. People were questioning the man’s biography which was so unfair.
    In defense of these guys I’ll say they are sex workers. They may not depend on this for a living but is for pay. It’s fantasy. It’s not to be taken seriously most of the time. Some of the issues they bring up are valid especially the misogyny. They have right to do whatever they want with their dicks and asses but they forget sometimes they are selling themselves or their persona. I think politics has gone to make a genre of porn less sexy than it already was. Too many guys working scenes or genres they are not suited for. Just so they can get woke points. Odds are we will get a 20 minute scene where the main interaction Woods will with the female model is eating her pussy for 10 mins and getting fucked by Lance Hart or one of the other shop worn models..

  25. With Arad, I really do believe he was naive and had no idea that reaction was coming, didn’t realize he was getting used, didn’t realize people would question everything he’s presented to the public, and he did it almost entirely for the money and not really for political, ego reasons and “woke points”. He did hint that he was paid more for that scene than any other he’d done.
    There are some misogyny, fem and trans problems among a percentage of gay men. You indeed, you can’t tell people (especially sex workers) who to have sex with or what their identity and sense of self is. There is a decent percentage of people, especially the older sector of folks, who don’t get that for some people “gay” is its own spectrum and not everyone’s “gay” identity mean thst they’re homosexual or at least doesn’t mean they’re scared of sexually engaging with anyone beyond their cis gender. And fluidity does have some legitimacy for some people. I’ve certainly experienced it. While most people probably could get some enjoyment out of sex beyond one gender. I get all of this. But don’t try to sell the idea that everyone “fluid” and everyone could live more full lives if they were more “open minded”, because that’s simply not true. Trying to force that on people and presenting that like it’s a reality for everyone is actually homophobic and even “hetero-phobic”. They need gay-identifying performers or performers who people perceive to be 100% homosexual and scared of lady parts to not only create hype and controversy for these clips and sites but also to help agenda. Otherwise, this stuff just comes off like it’s an agenda mainly for straight/heterosexual/hetero-leaning/hetero-romantic/non male-leaning guys, which it mostly is.
    Don’t push all these other people’s agendas when you’re already someone who has been “problematic” and someone who has (at least to me) appeared to be contending with low-key internalized homophobia and hetero-worship and someone who has always been indifferent towards “gay causes”. It just makes you seem like more of a phony or at least like an extreme try-hard, and in some cases makes it seem like you resent homosexual/homo-leaning/homo-romantic/gay men and especially are resentful and dismissive towards guys who live “basic” homo lifestyles.
    There are ways to communicate with people, to get people to understand certain nuanced things and a way to push other people’s agendas. But most of these porn performers (and most of the people on social media in general) just don’t know how to do these things with intelligence, insight and tact.

  26. I neverrr noticed any of these things about Wesley but now that you mention it, you’re 100% correct. Well said dude. πŸ™ŒπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  27. Wesley Woods really had the nerve to say gay men who don’t want to have sex with women are mysgionist? That Gay men need to have bi sex to be open mimded…omg. This is a boner killer for me, I can’t believe he’d say that. Its self insulting to not only himself but all his gay fans. If he respected himself he’d just say he’s bi or pan but dont insult your gay peers & the fans who help you maintain a career. Ppl can do what they want with their bods & if gays, primarily attracted to guys/male gentilia dont wanna bang women, thats their choice. I’m stunned.

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