Bentley Layne with a guy and a transsexual

The latest on Bentley Layne, who started gay porn in 2016, is his scene at Chaos Men with Wright.






He is one of the growing number of gay porn stars hired by Trans Angels.




These 2 scenes were filmed prior to the addition of his new chest tattoo.

And, he also filmed a bisexual scene.

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  1. ‘Something’ keeps me talling ( …so I can’t help it ) that this is the ” bas fond de le bas fond “.

  2. I’m not certain he can be called a “gay porn star”. He’s not particularly popular. He’s only done a few gay clips. And he’s already done non homo porn. He’s also bi identifying but makes it clear that he has female romantic and sexual preferences, and he doesn’t seem all that interested in dudes at all.
    It seems like you’re stretching in order to make him fit a certain pattern.

  3. Questions for the panel. Tom Moore runs TA and trans is most popular with heterosexual men.My presumption is they mostly watch straight porn and would not hold it against people like Charles Dera, Chris strokes, James Deen, Xander Corvus or Nacho Vidal if they did trans porn;so why do most of Moore’s men come from the gay side? Would Natalie Mars or Aubrey Kate choose Wesley Woods over Charles Dera or Manuel Ferrera? That does not seem logical. Why did trans porn end Giovanni Francesco’s career? Couldn’t Moore pull strings with Brazzers and allow those guys to do it? The trans girls test regularly. I can’t imagine there would be more gay guys interested than straight guys. Cost maybe?

  4. I’ve had a couple of conversations with Bentley. He’s seems like a nice kid. He came off trying hard to please but not following through. He told me he stared watching porn young and claims he’s addicted to porn, he also comes off as a straight guy catering to the gay population.

  5. A lot of these guys just don’t want to admit that despite not being 100% heterosexual they still ultimately consider themselves “straight”. Just like a lot of these dudes don’t want to admit that despite not being entirely homosexual they still only really themselves as “gay”. Hyping up a bi/fluid/pan identity gives you leeway. You get to indulge whatever without judgment. You don’t have to worry about people saying that you’re not truly straight because you have sex with guys or that you’re not a “real gay” because you’ll have sexual interactions with non males. You also get to feel a part of a demo that’s supposed to be “subversive”. And you get attention (and sometimes money) from a variety of different types of folks.
    These performers can claim whatever identity they wish. They have every right to. But actually having substantial, sustained passions, sexual affections, romantic feelings, emotional connections, relationship contentment towards a certain type of person will always be a different beast than merely having some type of attractions or brief affections or some sexual enjoyment towards a certain kind of person or simply being willing to sexually engage with that type of person. It’ll always be a different thing. But porn is all about crafting and manipulating a persona, especially with the addition of social media.

  6. Actually, a significant portion of porn followers would hold it against them. There is a rather large amount of men and women who follow porn that are very homophobic and/or trans-phohic. There’s a reason why only a couple of dudes who have had legit careers in conventional straight porn have ever admitted to not being completely heterosexual. While non have claimed a gay identity or admitted to having overall same-sex or even trans romantic/sexual/relationship preferences. And why do you think these guys only cross-over from non straight porn when they feel their careers are a wrap? There are still quite a few people who see anything that’s not the opposite cis gender as “gay”. There’s also a perception that guys who don’t live 100% hetero lifestyles are much more likely to have STDs. So, a lot of females would not work with them. A lot of sites would not work with them. (There are still many sites and performers who won’t work with “cross over” guys). Also, trans porn is watched damn near every type of person. Hell, I would argue that almost 50% of dudes who watch trans porn have some type of same-sex romantic/sexual passions if not not overall same-sex preferences. So, I don’t agree with you there.
    It’s not trans-phobia that keeps those dudes from doing non hetero porn. It’s homophobia. But ultimately, trans porn ends up paying the price. Just a few years ago trans porn used to be fairly consistent. But because they are starting to hire so many dudes who are homosexual or who have overall same-sex romantic/sexual passions and desires, much of it is starting to become as obviously manipulated and clumsy as a lot of gay porn. You’re pretty much seeing the same ol’ dudes and a few new but not very good guys.

  7. “Joker tattoo… ”
    Such a deeply insightful soul to make the decision to ink that on yourself. GTFOH with this guy.

  8. It is incredibly how many straight men fantasize about transsexuals. From what I’ve heard speaking to a few, it’s beautiful visually, transsexuals can be more feminine…hair, makeup, around the clock maintaining a glamorous look, etc. Then there’s anal sex…giving and receiving and so many straight guys do get off on sucking off transsexuals. There just seems to be something about that for them…beautiful women, but that they can suck, get fucked by and have anal sex with. I sometimes have a hard time getting my head around it, but if you were to press a straight guy hard enough…you might be surprised. “If I was ever going to go with anyone, it wouldn’t be a guy, but maybe a transsexuals/ladyboy.”

  9. Well, I’d argue that at least 50% of the population isn’t entirely, completely conventionally internally hetero. And around 50% of “gays” are not entirely conventionally homosexual. Everyone is just different. Some people are turned on by penis no matter who it’s attached to. Some people are turned on by vagina no matter who it’s attached to. Some people are turned on by masculinity no matter the gender. Some people are turned on by femininity no matter the gender. Many men prefer sexual and romantic attentions and affections from guys more than they do women, but they’re not that turned on by guys’ body parts. Some guys prefer persistent sexual and romantic affections from women and bonds with women, but they’re not that turned by female body parts. Some gay men are sometimes turned on by vagina or boobies or a woman’s shape, but they just don’t have strong and persistent passions, romantic affections and relationship contentment towards women (or trans men).
    If you have enough in-depth and real conversations with enough people you’d realize that everyone is just a bit different from each other. The spectrum is extremely wide and varied. Just the sexual part of it includes the different types and rates of attraction, desire, sexual passion, sexual enjoyment, sexual comfort and sexual fulfillment. That doesn’t even include the romantic, emotional and relationship contentment parts of orientation. This is why I look at “gay” and “straight” as their own spectrum rather than meaning being 100% conventionally homo or hetero. However, porn and porn performers often use that spectrum to manipulate, or to divide, or to pump up their egos, or to promote hetero worship/homo shame, or to get away with giving people mediocre product.

  10. On another note, a lot of “queer men” who contend with some gender fluidity develop very female-like orientations. They’re sometimes turned on by individual female body parts, they like watching straight sex, they enjoy female attention and get off to different paraphilias. But they don’t really have sustained sexual passions for the entirety of what a woman has to offer nor do they have sexual fulfillment towards women, they ultimately prefer persistent male affections and romantic connections and only really have stable romantic bonds with guys, and they get off more on being able to hook up with women or being able to sexually please women more than they actually get off on being with a woman.
    I kinda suspect Michael Delray is like that despite trying really hard to appear hetero-leaning lately. There’s a few others probably like that as well, including some dudes who do amateur stuff as well (like Dicknastytheillest). They’re all still fairly gay, just not homosexual. Those types of guys often try to fit in with hetero-leaning bi’s because they’re sometimes snubbed by homosexual gays or because they contend with internalized homophobia or want to be privy to straight sex. Wesley Woods is likely just a simple homosexual who’s trying to fit in with those types of queers and hetero-leaning bi guys. While there are some men are just the opposite. Sometimes turned on by guy body parts, enjoys male attention, gets off to paraphilias, but don’t really have much passion for the entirety of a male, don’t have sexual fulfillment towards guys and much prefers persistent affection and romantic connection towards females.
    Like I said, orientation can be fairly complicated stuff. And a great percentage of people are not “basic”.

  11. Originally a biological male transitioning to a woman. So technically not male anymore. It’s str8 porn

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