A review on fan sites from a reader of this blog

Yes I can admit I have tried one or two guys from each of these Fan pages.


Originally it was Only Fans which was clunky and sorry to say still is with no preview until you actually sign up. The biggest draw back is their bandwith seems limited and actually watching a video can be hard as it seems to take for every to load.


4 My Fans well it is an upgrade from Only Fans a little better the bandwith is not to bad and it does give you somewhat of an idea of the length of the video, but no preview pic.


The leader would have to be Just for Fans…. Their bandwidth is fast and quick you can preview depending upon the person a lot of their videos well at least something and have an idea of the length.

One thing I have found there are a few performers like Billy Santoro for example he gives me a few free visits for one day on only fans, he brags about how much he posts of videos his current count is actually over 1500 but these are clips from the full video different angels and different snippets sometimes the same snippet different title. So in actuality he really probable only has maybe 150.

Some of the really great performers out there how have some hot videos to share – Gabriel Cross, Adam Russo, Nick Capra, Jack Mackenroth, Cade Maddox, Alexander Volkov, Riley Mitchel (he is hot) and Rafael Alencar.

I know there are some I missed, the secret to watching them is subscribe for a month then unsubscribe come back in a few months and watch the latest updates. You get to watch your favorite pron stars doing their thing with out breaking the bank so to say.

Happy viewing.